Jun 082011

(i really did start this on Monday…it only took till wed to finish it:)

I really love weekends with no plans! Friday night, after recognizing our freedom, we decided to spend Saturday hiking and just hanging around. The weather was amazing and we had a newly finish pergola to break in! Sunday was dedicated to some yard work and making momma pretty (I badly needed a hair cut and highlight touch up)

Our first choice of hiking location was mobbed so we opted for one a bit further down the road and I’m so glad we did! We’ve always said, “I wonder what’s back there” or “We should hike that one day…” and just never did. Welp, cross that one off our list. It was a really nice hike, just long enough with a pretty waterfall and riverside beach towards the end. It was hilly enough to feel like you got a work out without getting all nasty or exhausted.

When we came back we decided that I would be fun to have some friends over for an impromptu BBQ. We spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and cleaning and getting ready for friends and spent our evening enjoying a good meal and conversation. The kiddos played too!

Sunday we did some yard work and hung out in the grass until it was time to eat dinner. Having cooked a ton the night prior, we opted for dinner out and were back in time to get Noah to bed almost on time:)

Unfortunately for me he decided that sleep was not something he was down with that night and I spent most of the night up and down with him finally allowing him to just play himself to sleep while I crashed on the floor of his nursery (it’s well baby proofed and he can’t get into anything that would hurt him). I shut out the lights while he played. Eventually he laid down next to me and we woke up 4 hours later at 8am (I was soooo late for work!).

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