Jun 242011

When I told my friends about how easy CD’ing was, many of them replied “yea, but you work at home…you can do the wash whenever” and that was true. Getting those diapes washed was so easy because I could walk by the laundry room and turn on the various cycles throughout my day. By the end of the day I’d have freshly clean and dried diapes all ready for the next day. I always thought that we’d have to alter our routine if I ever went back into an office work situation but never really worried about it because I never thought I’d be back there while Noah was still in diapers. I was wrong.

I’ve been commuting now for 6 weeks and while we’re still finding balance in everything else, I’ve managed to get CD wash routine that still works for us. We’re doing them every other night like we did before but it takes until the next evening to get things done (which is fine for us). So, after Noah’s down I’ll run the cold rinse and then before bed I’ll start the hot wash. Next morning before I head out the door I’ll run the second rinse and I’ll start the drying when I get home from work. This means I often times pack his daycare bag in the AM but I’ve found that we’re waking up earlier anyways so I always have time.

So, there you have it! I’m not super mom and I certainly don’t have everything figured out but I have figured out a way to make CD’ing work even when I’m not working out of my house.

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  1. We just had a baby, and are still getting into the routine… oops, just realized that I need to put the diapers in the dryer. Glad that you have developed a way to make it work. Hopefully we can figure things out (and remember to switch the diapers.)

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