Jun 302011

So it’s wed night and I’m just now getting to sit down. Such is life these days. We’ve had an awesome few weeks here punctuated by an impromptu trip to the beach this last weekend to visit a few friends. DH was in a volleyball tournament in Seaside Heights (yes, Jersey Shore territory) and our friends are just across the bridge. We’ve been trying to get out to see them and due to sickness and traveling with a toddler and a dog, we just weren’t connecting. Thankfully when DH called at the last min, they are open and agreed to put up with us:) I was so excited (she’s 20 odd weeks pregnant and I love me some baby bump:) Plus they’re just the most adorable couple!)

Saturday was spent at the tournament getting sun burned and seeing famous pro volleyball players. Sunday was spent at Island State Beach Park which was AMAZING! We loaded up our friends truck with 4 adults, 1 dog and one toddler in a carseat (rear facing even!) and went for a drive on the beach. I have to say, these guys know how to do it right! They had everything you could want for when relaxing on the beach! Prego mamma had a nice reclining chair with an umbrella. Macie had a nice long lead so that she could roam but not get lost (we let her off for a while to go swimming in the surf). We had snacks and drinks and even a portable potty (you’re out in the middle of a remote beach, there’s not restroom outside of going in the ocean. A portable potty, even if it’s just a bucket with a privacy tent, is a welcome feature)! There was a nice breeze blowing and it was clear and blue. While I didn’t exactly get to sit and relax since Noah was not a fan of the sand and just wanted to be held but that didn’t matter, I could totally spend every free weekend like that. Noah did finally warm up to the sand (but only with his shoes on) so my arms got a rest eventually.

(excuse the conflicting watermarks, i’m too lazy to fix them:) )

I actually found another set of pics when getting these ready that I’ll share tomorrow. For now it’s bed time:)

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