Jun 182011

There are lot of things daddys are good for…

For taking a walk any time of year…

For showing us how to blow bubbles in the pool

For catching a few extra zzzz’s with (and for sharing his pillow)

For being our horsey and lifting us up so we can see

For introducing us to the wonders of bubbles in the air

For lending us a shoulder to lay on when we’re tired

For sharing their love of being outside and taking us on hikes

Truth be told daddies are good for lots more:
wiping tears
sharing food
fixing our boo boos
teaching us how to be good
teaching us what is bad
staying up those late nights when we’re sick
teaching us how to tie our shoes
daddies are good at lots of other things too
but what do fathers do best of all? Love us of course!
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  1. Beautiful.

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