Jun 052011

We had a great Saturday with an impromptu BBQ with a few friends and got the babes together to play. I’ll tell ya, I’ve read is many places that at this age they really only engage in parallel play but watching Noah and K I swear they were playing together. More than once they’d react to one another. Like Noah would push the buttons on the fridge toy and K would put the pieces together on the same toy at the same time (which would change the song that was playing). They also both had crackers and followed one another into the next room and promptly plopped down on the fireplace hearth to munch away. At another point one of them laid down and put their head on the pillow and the other followed suit laughing all the way. But none of these could top the duet on the piano…you have to see for yourself…

They went on like this for at least 10 min..we were dying laughing. They’d pound together, watch each other and pound alternatively, they’d reach over each other and play. Then, they both decided they were done and slid off the bench.

Perhaps this was still parallel play but there were glimpses of them actually playing together!!!!

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  1. So cute… your little guy is getting so big Lindsey (and adorable!)

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