Jun 232011

Well, the parrot phase has started! He’ll repeat most of what you say, or at least try. He’s added a few more words to his arsenal and a few more tricks to his bag. Ever the performer he waves and says hi to just about everyone and everything and still blows kisses to the world.

He’s at a point where you can see the little wheels of his brain turning and you can generally show him something once and he can repeat. I asked him to put the tupperware away in the drawer and he complied (i even did it in english). The best trick was when he opened the snack drawer, took out some mangos and closed the drawer (and proceeded to walk around the house with them for a while). I asked him to put them back and he walks over to the drawer, opens the one below it (where the pots are), realizes that it’s not the right drawer and closes it. Then he opens the right drawer, finds an empty spot to put his mangos down and closes the drawer. I just stood there in amazement.

He’s around 25 lbs and we just finished our umpteenth round of antibiotics for an ear infection. Summer can’t come fast enough, I want a month free of ear infections or pneumonia! I have to try to get him to stand still long enough to get his height, that’s easier said than done. All this kid does is move and if he’s not outside he’s mad as a hornet (rain or shine).

In addition to the words from last month he’s added mama (in reference to me), nana (banana), da-do (in reference to Macie), I’ve heard agua over and over again, and quack quack (duck). He says bottle and thank you pretty clearly now too.

Best part of my day is when he sees me when DH brings him home. Sometimes they beat me home and he comes running, other times I’m in side already and he come hunting me with a big ole smile on his face.

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