May 152011

I’m sitting here with ice on both knees feeling like I’m a hundred years old but we did it! We completed our second half marathon today (hubbys and I)! The goal for this one was just to finish. Our training was minimal this time around so just finishing without hurting ourselves was sufficient. Surprisingly, we did better than that and managed to run all but about 5 min of it (I hit a wall around 7 miles and needed a moment to switch muscle groups and walk). Our pace was just a few seconds slower than the one we trained for two years ago and overall we were just about 5 min slower which to me is amazing all considering.

I’d love to have pics to share with you but I wasn’t willing to add anymore weight or distractions so we got the finish line pic taken and we’ll have to buy it later. I do have a pretty metal and two beautiful blisters to show for it though (wanna see the blisters?? haha? now, aren’t you glad I didn’t take pics:) ).

Noah stayed back with gramma and papa and went to church (where I’m told he attached himself to my moms side and would not let her put him down….heavy as he is, you know she was loving it – ha mamma?:) ). Our drive home was another epic drive but pleasant enough.

I’m off to edit some family pics from the weekend if I can keep my eyes open. Hopefully I’ll update later this week with those. I need it to stop raining so that I can take my new awesome antique chair out to a field and take some Noah pics! Maybe this upcoming weekend. Any whoo…

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  1. Congratulations!! ;)

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