May 022011

So, one of my girlfriends called Friday afternoon and invited me to a royal wedding watch party that evening. I’m always up for a girls night so I said hells yes! Only one problem…they were going all out, hats included, and I have no hat:( Enter a quick trip to el Targé and Michaels to find some supplies….

A headband, few feathers, some wooden flowers, felt and lots of hot glue, what I produced:

Excuse the cheese and the terrible pic, this was after I got home, taken by the hubs and me with quite a bit of champagne on board…

The party was a blast! The gal that threw the party went all out. She had a real wedding cake, wedding favors, and food to feed 100 (there were about 40 gals in attendance). There was toad in the hole, scones, tea sandwiches, salmon rolls, and lots of cheese, crackers, and biscuits. Oh, and lots of champagne! Her husband even put together a Kate and Wills wedding slide show for our enjoyment to watch as we were getting assembled to watch the main event. In the end a great time was had by all!

In my champagne induced silliness I decided to let the dog try on my headband (lots of cheese was involved in placating her long enough to get the shot)

I think she may actually wear it better than I did. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the headband, it’s too much fun to throw out but really, when would I wear something like that again??!

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  1. Love the hat! Spur of the moment parties are the best! Wish I’d had a fun group to watch the wedding with – as it was Asher and I watched the DVR’d version while having breakfast. :-)

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