May 032011

14 months already! He’s turning into such a big boy, I can’t believe it!!

He’s really starting to develop a personality. He’s hilarious and he knows it:) He gets a real kick out of trying to get us to laugh. It’s such a beautiful sound! We had a few rough nights here and there as his 4 molars made their way thru his gums. They’re still coming but it looks like they’re most of the way broken thru. I’m not sure how much he weighs – probably 23.5lbs or 24lbs. I’ll have to check to see how tall he is next month. Not much else has changed – he’s eating solids all the time. Still gets at least a night time bottle and sometimes just a bottle of water in the AM (he seems to get thirsty around 4:30am…I hand him a bottle and he’s back to sleep right after he finishes it).

Anyways, this is all from memory:) Next month will be more detailed if I remember to do it:)

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