May 022011

I realize that I’ve completely skipped the monthly updates for Noah. No reason other than life moving on I suppose. His milestones are stretching out some so there’s nothing new to report. Although, it’s fun to share pics so…I’m going ot play catch up and post 13 and 14 today and tomorrow and then try to resume for 15 and so forth…

I don’t have Picky Sticky’s for these months so we’ll just find a few pics from the month and share:)

From a milestone stand point:
– he’s a full time walker – well, runner!
– Solids are no problem although we’re sticking with finger food. We tried once with a spoon but all it resulted in was a very frustrated baby and a mess and a half. Maybe next month.
– He’s 23.5 lbs or so… still 31 inches I think.
– We’re mixing in some 18 month clothes but for the most part he’s still in 12 mo stuff.
– He’s down to two bottles a day – morning and evening and we’re on cows milk full time after finishing up the formula we had left.
– He’s on the toddler schedule at day care! That means he gets regular meals with the kids, circle time, craft time etc..
– He’s still on two naps a day. Generally a 45 min in the AM and then a longer one int he evening.
– He’s not “talking” per say. Just babbling. Lots of gah gah gah go…he’s got “daddy” down but he uses it for everyone:)

I think that’s it for now…as always, i’m sure i’m missing something:)

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