Apr 122011

There have been a few battles raging in our house over the last few weeks. Some we’re winning (but not ready to declare victory) the other, well, we’ve been defeated and will regroup in a while and try again!

1. The ants!
The little tiny black critters are always a problem in the spring. Va is just not cold enough to kill them off each season and our house is definitely not sealed up well enough to keep them out. We’ve done a better job sealing things as we renovated but nothing’s perfect. Case in point, they used to come in under the kitchen window around the sink. Since we sealed that up with spray foam during the renovation, they’re resorted to finding a way in thru the dining room under the window and base boards. I’m not about to rip the base boards up to spray foam so it was time to find another way to keep them out.

We tried a number of methods to kill them – spraying outside, ant hotels, Terro. We also cleaned very thoroughly, sealed up every thing in the pantry, and moved from eating in the dining room (noah’s high chair is a particular challenge to clean) to eating in the kitchen. Nothing was working and I was hesitant to spray inside because of the dog and Noah. So, we found this stuff, Home Defense, that was safe for pets and kids once it was dry. It was worth a shot. I sprayed along the baseboards of the outside wall and then around the corner into the kitchen. I also sprayed around the base of the kitchen cabinets where they were crawling up. While i’m not ready to declare victory, today was the first morning that I walked into my kitchen and didn’t see any of the little black critters crawling on my counter tops!

My hunch is that the Terro and the ant hotels were encouraging them to come inside and they’d never make it back out so they poison wouldn’t make it to the nest. With the Home Defense stuff, they never even make it inside! Win!

2. Noah’s sleep!
For now at least Noah’s back on a good sleep trend (and as I say this I’m totally jinxing myself). He’s easy to put down and when he does wake in the wee hours he’s usually just thirsty so a quick bottle with just water and we’re back to sleep. I kinda miss our snuggle time but I’m learning to love my sleep more (and the cuteness that he is when he wakes up rested in the AM)

3. Diaper leaks!
Now that he’s getting a little water in the middle of the night to quench his thirst we’re finding that his old diaper solution wasn’t holding up. The more I stuffed to get absorbency in there, the further off his body the diaper would sit and gap at the legs etc…I bought new inserts that are nice, trim and supposedly absorbent but all but I think need a few more washes to live up to their hype.

On a whim I decided to try a Kissaluvs fitted with a Joey Bunz booster and an Econobums cover. Two nights running and we’ve woken up dry! I hope this continues!

4. The bottle!
Okay, this is our one defeat. Noah’s no longer getting bottles at daycare or with meals and that’s great but we haven’t been able to break the bed time bottle or the one in the wee hours. Plus, he LOVES to just chew on it while he plays (and I attribute it to his new found ability to put himself to bed). I’ve been trying really hard to take it away when he’s not actually drinking something but man, if you don’t hide it quick you hear about it! The kid is obsessed (but easily distracted)…I figure we’re still doing okay with everything else, this is one I’m not going to fight just yet.

Anyways…for your patience in reading all of this, a little Noah cuteness…

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  2 Responses to “Winning the battle(s)?”

  1. it’s so hard not to give in to such a cute face ;) with the second one you would think it’d be easier… but it’s not lol good thing we cherish these moments!
    glad you got rid of the ants! My MIL has the SAME problem and she’s BEYOND meticulous with her cleaning and all that. Everything is double sealed in bags. I’ll have to tell her to try the Home Defense!

  2. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, especially when sleep is on the winning side!

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