Apr 172011

Despite a rather stormy and rainy start we had a great weekend here in the Kloep house! Saturday we spent scouting new neighborhoods for when we do eventually move (not for at least another year but I case you haven’t noticed, we like to be prepared around here). It’s a perfect activity for a rainy day.

Then we spent a beautiful Sunday running errands, watching daddy play some volleyball and playing with bubbles. We actually found out today that Noah LOVES LOVES LOVES bubbles (to the point that when he sees the bubble container he screams if we say we can’t do them right then). I decided to break out the camera and try to catch some of it.

I capped the day off with a quick run while DH cooked dinner on the grill. We even made great progress in getting the back yard prepared for a new pergola and swing! This week coming is going to be a busy one so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend just to get stuff done.

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