Apr 062011

Here we are at another Vloggin Vednesday and I actually got my butt in gear and put a vid together:) The task was to talk about your significant other (be it pet, spouse, etc..). I picked Noah since he’s one of the two objects of my affection these days (well, three if you count the dog) and object #1 was already off for work.

The more I watch myself the more I realize that i do odd things with my mouth when I talk…this is a new development, I never noticed it before…guess I’m just weird:)

Vloggin' Vednesdays

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  3 Responses to “Vlogging Vednesday – Your significant other”

  1. Could he be any cuter? Seriously, that kid just oozes adorable! :D

  2. He is way too stinking cute!

  3. This was stinkin’ cute!!! And my baby just loooooooved it! Great vlogging! :)

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