Apr 052011

Before DH would entertain the idea of baby #2 he wanted to get a better sense of what our options were for preschool for Noah. I insisted that we had plenty of time but he wasn’t budging. My hunch was that he was just stalling…but, he under estimated me haha..I set to searching for preschool information asap.

Our biggest concern was the logistics of daycare, preschool and our jobs. Most preschools around here are from 9:30am – 12 or 1ish. So that meant that one of us would have to take a long lunch break to shuttle Noah around, find another mom who’d be willing to shuttle or we move him from the current daycare to another daycare that offers pre-school in addition to regular daycare (basically one of the big centers that are almost twice what we pay for Noah at his current provider).

Then I started to look at what preschool offered and the necessity of it all. I didn’t go to preschool and I turned out just fine (no, really, I did!). I realize that preschool establishes behaviors that are helpful when they get to kindergarten (like general socialization, lining up, following directions, numbers, letters etc..) but as I looked that the course work they did in preschool I realized that our current daycare provider does all of that with her kids! For the kids that are old enough there is structured class time where they read stories, learn number, letters, etc.

So there appears to be no reason to change our routine or have to worry about shuttling him around. Elizabeth provides structured day activities that he’d receive in a preschool. Bonus!

My question to you, how do working parents swing preschool? do they? Is their only option to either forgo preschool all together or find a center that provides preschool like curriculum (which is often times more expensive)? I’m interested in any creative ways folks accomplished it – we’re pretty set I think but I’m always evaluating to make sure Noah’s thriving and developing properly.

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  1. Duh – I just saw the ticker…you have plenty of time to think about it and research options!

  2. Interesting that you should post this…Iowa funds 3 and 4 year old preschool, provided that the programs have licensed teachers and meet strict guidelines. That funding was on the line this year, but luckily, will not be eliminated. Our school district has almost 100% participation in our free, 4 year old preschool program. The biggest reason we have such great participation is because of TRANSPORTATION! We are rural, and have 7 small towns. Each town has one or two in-home daycares, and even though preschool is half-day, we have a bus that takes the preschoolers to each town, dropping them off at the “bus-stops” which are actually the daycares. With our low socio-economic status and the majority of our families having both parents working, providing transportation is the only way we can get kids to come to preschool!

    Adam, however, goes to an in-home daycare that does preschool. She does such an awesome job with it, he will stay there when he’s 3 and 4, and then, because he’s a July birthday, he’ll probably go to pre-k (also free at the school) when he is 5, and kindergarten at 6. He will be 3 in July, and started “doing” preschool at Brenda’s last fall, and has many “kindergarten” academic skills. (Probably doesn’t hurt that I’m a teacher, too!)

    so, I can’t remember how old Noah is, but I guess my advice (from a mommy and teacher standpoint) is that preschool can wait until they are 4 or 5 if the daycare does a good job working on those skills, too!

  3. So, your post made me really curious, like I said. I posted a condensed version of the question as my FB status and of the handful of people who responded (to this point), all had their children in daycare centers that provided preschool curriculum and offered daycare. Not sure that helps in your situation. If I get any other answers I’ll let you know!

  4. I honestly haven’t even thought about it. It seems so far into the future! I’m curious as to the feedback you get. We are paying and arm and a leg for one of those “big centers,” and I would love to find an option that doesn’t feel like a second mortgage.

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