Apr 102011

We had a productive and relaxing weekend in the Kloep house! Saturday was rainy but that didn’t keep hubs from working on the landscaping and I spent the morning with an adorable 1 week old doing a newborn photoshoot for a friend (then spent the rest of the afternoon editing the pictures because I was so excited).

Sunday was nicer weather + nothing really in the plans so Noah and I went shopping. He was only partly amused, I had to bribe him with Nutrigrain bars to get thru Kohls but man was it worth it! 50% off kids clothes plus another 15% means I got like $400 worth of clothes for just over $200! Noah is set for the summer!

Then, as the sun was setting, the lighting was beautiful and weather just right so DH grabbed the camera and had an impromptu photo shoot with Noah while I got things straightened up inside and his bath drawn. They both came in covered in grass and mud brandishing a beat up tulip (which Noah thrust into my hand at the prompting of daddy – he’s getting better with instructions)

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  One Response to “Productive weekend…”

  1. Awwww that first one is too cute!

    And is that kohls sale still going on?! Haha

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