Apr 152011

No sooner had I said that the sleep and diaper battles were in the win column than Noah does his typical switch up! The last few nights have been rough beyond rough…last night in particular!

I’m in NYC for work but get a call at 4:00am from DH saying that Noah had been up since 1 screaming! My first response was take him to the ER because something’s very wrong…then we talked more and I found out he was awake and fussy but fine when you let him play. Silly boy, 4am is not play time. DH said you could tell he’s exhausted and really wants to sleep but he’s way beyond the point of no return and it’s a battle to get him down. Such a viscous cycle! It hurt my heart not being able to be there to comfort him (and DH!)…so I did what I could, direct over the phone. I ran thru my usual tricks with DH and we finally settled on teething and ibuprofen. DH hangs up and I get up and get ready to catch my car to the airport. 20 min DH calls back – it worked! He was sleeping (and DH was going to bed for the first time all night!). Needless to say, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough few days due to new molars!

Me, sad, at the airport wishing I could just tele-transport home

In other news, well, there’s not much other news. Our lives are boring right now (which is nice). I’m hoping for a nice weekend so I can get out and take some pictures. Speaking of pics, I started a Fbook page for my photography stuff. It’s not really a business, yet, but I’m hoping that I can pick up some jobs on the side to help out with the house fund (the fund to help us accumulate enough cash to sell the house we have and buy another with more land..). Anywho..check it out if you get a chance – Kloepping Photography

Oh, and I’ve only run once this week – no bueno! This trip put a real crimp in things…let’s hope our 5 miler this weekend works out.

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  2 Responses to “I knew it…”

  1. Kids ALWAYS do that – think you have them figured out and POOF! They change it up! Glad you were able to solve the problem, even if you weren’t there! Mommies rock!

  2. Ugh! Shelby screamed for 45 minutes straight last night. It was awful. We decided last night to start sleep training with her again…for the 999th time. And of course she decided to come down with another cold yesterday, so she was all goopy and congested. No matter. Her sleep habits have been horrible and we have to break them, but listening to her scream was so, so hard. She finally wore herself out. I hate not knowing what’s wrong with kids! (Or whether there’s even anything wrong at all.)

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