Apr 182011

That’s my diapers after a 30 min soak in Rockin Green…ewww…and that’s how it looks after every 30min soak which i’ve been doing prior to every load now.

Okay, let me step back….

Noah’s diapers started to get a little funky. Not ammonia thankfully, just not clean. This seemed to happen right around the time the water company jacked up the chlorine content in our water.

(small aside: you could just smell it in the water – I made a comment to DH about cleaning the bathroom while Noah was in the tub but he said he did nothing of the sort…then as I got closer to the tub, I realized it was the off gassing from the tap water! Safe to say, we fill the tub and let it sit for a few until the smell is gone. This happens around this time of year because they switch the type of chlorine they use as well as jack it up as they flush all the lines)

Anyways….I did an overnight soak in Rockin Green and OMG the stuff in the water! So, now I decided to rock a quick soak just prior to each wash and it seems to be helping.

So, here’s todays wash routine (every other or every third day depending on how lazy I am):

– quick cold rinse to get the major stuff out
– fill the tub with hot hot hot water and 3 tbs of RnG, let it sit 30-60 min
– finish the cycle (longest cycle on my machine – 19min, three rinses)
– 9 min cycle on hot
– cold rinse
– the pads go into the dryer, the pockets head over to the drying rack.

So far, we’re doing much better. No more funk and not a ton more work really. The 30 min soak is fine and often turns into 60 or 90 min because I forget..haha…no biggie though. We’re not having any trouble with build up, repelling, or stink now! Woohooo….

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