Apr 272011

no, I’m not pregnant (haha…i wish it were that easy..). I’m unemployed:( Out of nowhere the job that I LOVED was eliminated so I’m back on the job market. I hold no ill will towards the company, it’s business and was just as painful for them to have to do it but I’m still bummed. I really loved my job and believed in the product. I hope that this move helps them along and they can hit the goals they are stretching for.

That said, you’d think I have alot of time on my hands but I was firing off emails to my previous job search contacts before the ink was even dry on the release letter:) And it’s paying off! I have an oppy where the timing was just not right 7 months ago but has played out almost perfectly this time around. I have a in person meeting on Tuesday and hope I don’t blow it!

This almost certainly means I’ll be back in an office setting again, unless some freak job comes out of nowhere like last time and offers me a work at home position (I can cross my fingers but don’t think I’ll get that lucky again).

Anywho…if I’m MIA for a bit it’s just because I’m busy enjoying my time off or interviewing:) I have a picture post here for you soon with the product of the Easter weekend.

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  1. I hope that opportunity works out for you!

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