Apr 222011

Looking back Noah’s been a bit absent from my last few posts and since this is technically his blog, I figured I should put something up for him:)

So, since DH has been a little crazy with his new smartphone and “testing out” the video we have lots and lots of freaking adorable vids of Noah playing, talking, sitting…etc.. I thought I’d share a few:)

This toy has a hammer but after he put a huge goose egg on my forehead, I feared for his (and anything glass in our house) so now he just uses his hands. Just as effective:)

If you make it thru all 2:20 of this one you really love us:) The cutest stuff is at the front. He has a new kiss thingy they taught him at daycare. He blows them at everything now.

We’ll be with family this weekend so hopefully we’ll get more adorable pictures of him and all of his cousins.

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  One Response to “Finally a Noah post…”

  1. That child just keep getting cuter and cuter. Pretty soon we will have to say more handsome.
    Have a nice Easter and we will be thinking about you folks.
    Love and hugs to all

    Gramma Peg
    Papa Don

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