Apr 192011

After a year of wear and tear, the velcro is starting to go on my BG diapers. The tabs are starting to curl and the strip across the front is starting to unravel so I think it’s time to fix them up. Now, I could just buy a refresher kit from BG and sew new velcro on but since Noah is getting savvy about velcro, I figured I’d convert them to snaps instead.

Velcro before, unraveling and just beat

Tabs before, not horrible but starting to curl

There are a bunch of places on the web that will show you how to convert to snaps, there are even places that will do it for you for a premium! As you’ve noticed, I’m a DIY’er so I found my instructions on Kamsnaps.com which is actually where I bought my snaps and snap press from. It may sound excessive to buy a press just for this but I figured, when I added the cost of the snaps and presses and added in my time, it was still less expensive than buying 18 new diapers to replace the worn ones.

Tools of the trade

The process is simple enough but rather time consuming. The steps are outlined in the linked article above but in a nutshell, you use a seam ripper to undo the velcro on your diaper, use the template provided to mark the holes, use the aull to poke thru the PUL, then you pull out the snap press and snap pieces and mush together (okay, overly simplified but Kamsnaps does a great job explaining above).

So far I’ve replaced the velcro on 4 diapers and I have two more in the works. I counted the other day and i still have 6 to go that are in various stages of decomposition. 1 or 2 of them will likely need replaced soon.

In the end it’s totally worth it. I get a new life out of my old diapers and Noah hasn’t yet figured out snaps so there’s no worries about nekked morning suprises. haha…

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