Apr 042011

This weekend was quite the adventure! We started Friday night with Noah’s first trip to a Japanese Steakhouse (they kind where they cook right in front of you). He was relatively amused until the guy did the big fire show, he wasn’t too keen on that and spent the rest of the meal on my lap with his face buried in my chest (turning it out only to take a bite of food).

Saturday we had some visitors. I got to watch my friends 15 week old while they visited my other friends newborn. Noah was intrigued by the little one and just wanted to play with her. The pacifier was irresistible i think. We then went swimming at the kiddie pool in the afternoon and Noah skipped his second nap meaning an early bed time!

Sunday we had big plans – drive down to the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown DC. Our goal was to be out of the house just after lunch, down into the city by 1:30 and have plenty of time to make it back before Noah’s bed time. He had other plans:) He skipped his early nap and consolidated his afternoon nap into a marathon 3 hour one! We didn’t get out of the house until almost 3:00. Then, one wrong turn turned into 4 or 5 and an extra hour on the normal 30 min commute to the city. A few hairy min in Georgetown while trying to park, we finally arrived at 4:30. We parked the car in Georgetown so as to avoid the downtown cluster fck and rode our bikes into the city. Despite the crowds, that was the best choice ever! We had the freedom to go long distances and parking in Georgetown was so much more manageable!!

Noah had a blast in his trailer riding in style and I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t melt down until we were almost home at 7:30pm. He even skipped a real dinner – just cheerios, cheese, edamame, a nutrigrain bar, and some blueberries.

It was funny riding around with him. Almost everyone smiled and tried to peek in at him like they’d never seen the trailer before. Others remarked at his stylin ride and how comfy he looked. Even more kids were pointing and asking if they could have one…it was really funny:)

Anywho..enough talking, here are the pics.

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  1. So precious! I love the pics, especially Noah riding around and the cherry blossoms! Glad you got to make the trip despite his long nap :)

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