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2011 April » The Adventures of Noah and Lia
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Apr 302011

I told you I had some photos from Easter weekend and I’ve finally got around to editing them all so time to share!!:) I apologize to Fbook friends, you’ll see some duplicates here.

Apr 272011

no, I’m not pregnant (haha…i wish it were that easy..). I’m unemployed:( Out of nowhere the job that I LOVED was eliminated so I’m back on the job market. I hold no ill will towards the company, it’s business and was just as painful for them to have to do it but I’m still bummed. I really loved my job and believed in the product. I hope that this move helps them along and they can hit the goals they are stretching for.

That said, you’d think I have alot of time on my hands but I was firing off emails to my previous job search contacts before the ink was even dry on the release letter:) And it’s paying off! I have an oppy where the timing was just not right 7 months ago but has played out almost perfectly this time around. I have a in person meeting on Tuesday and hope I don’t blow it!

This almost certainly means I’ll be back in an office setting again, unless some freak job comes out of nowhere like last time and offers me a work at home position (I can cross my fingers but don’t think I’ll get that lucky again).

Anywho…if I’m MIA for a bit it’s just because I’m busy enjoying my time off or interviewing:) I have a picture post here for you soon with the product of the Easter weekend.

Apr 242011

We had a busy but awesome weekend with the fam…I have lots of pictures to edit and share but right now I’m exhausted so it’s off to bed. I’ll leave you with these two:

Apr 222011

Looking back Noah’s been a bit absent from my last few posts and since this is technically his blog, I figured I should put something up for him:)

So, since DH has been a little crazy with his new smartphone and “testing out” the video we have lots and lots of freaking adorable vids of Noah playing, talking, sitting…etc.. I thought I’d share a few:)

This toy has a hammer but after he put a huge goose egg on my forehead, I feared for his (and anything glass in our house) so now he just uses his hands. Just as effective:)

If you make it thru all 2:20 of this one you really love us:) The cutest stuff is at the front. He has a new kiss thingy they taught him at daycare. He blows them at everything now.

We’ll be with family this weekend so hopefully we’ll get more adorable pictures of him and all of his cousins.

Apr 202011

It’s another vloggin vednesday! This week is 10 years ago! Unfortunately I’m a little boring….jr in college, finals…fun fun fun! haha…if only it was 9 years ago I can tell you of our adventures in moving out west and leaving everything behind…another time maybe.

And just to embarrass ourselves a bit, here are three pics from approximately 10 years ago (give or take a few months). DH and I were in our early dating years and as poor college students spending most of our money on gas to get to see one another, we picked cheap adventures in order to get together (he lived in So. Va. for the summer, we’d meet in the middle a lot). We did a lot of camping:)

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Apr 192011

After a year of wear and tear, the velcro is starting to go on my BG diapers. The tabs are starting to curl and the strip across the front is starting to unravel so I think it’s time to fix them up. Now, I could just buy a refresher kit from BG and sew new velcro on but since Noah is getting savvy about velcro, I figured I’d convert them to snaps instead.

Velcro before, unraveling and just beat

Tabs before, not horrible but starting to curl

There are a bunch of places on the web that will show you how to convert to snaps, there are even places that will do it for you for a premium! As you’ve noticed, I’m a DIY’er so I found my instructions on Kamsnaps.com which is actually where I bought my snaps and snap press from. It may sound excessive to buy a press just for this but I figured, when I added the cost of the snaps and presses and added in my time, it was still less expensive than buying 18 new diapers to replace the worn ones.

Tools of the trade

The process is simple enough but rather time consuming. The steps are outlined in the linked article above but in a nutshell, you use a seam ripper to undo the velcro on your diaper, use the template provided to mark the holes, use the aull to poke thru the PUL, then you pull out the snap press and snap pieces and mush together (okay, overly simplified but Kamsnaps does a great job explaining above).

So far I’ve replaced the velcro on 4 diapers and I have two more in the works. I counted the other day and i still have 6 to go that are in various stages of decomposition. 1 or 2 of them will likely need replaced soon.

In the end it’s totally worth it. I get a new life out of my old diapers and Noah hasn’t yet figured out snaps so there’s no worries about nekked morning suprises. haha…

Apr 182011

That’s my diapers after a 30 min soak in Rockin Green…ewww…and that’s how it looks after every 30min soak which i’ve been doing prior to every load now.

Okay, let me step back….

Noah’s diapers started to get a little funky. Not ammonia thankfully, just not clean. This seemed to happen right around the time the water company jacked up the chlorine content in our water.

(small aside: you could just smell it in the water – I made a comment to DH about cleaning the bathroom while Noah was in the tub but he said he did nothing of the sort…then as I got closer to the tub, I realized it was the off gassing from the tap water! Safe to say, we fill the tub and let it sit for a few until the smell is gone. This happens around this time of year because they switch the type of chlorine they use as well as jack it up as they flush all the lines)

Anyways….I did an overnight soak in Rockin Green and OMG the stuff in the water! So, now I decided to rock a quick soak just prior to each wash and it seems to be helping.

So, here’s todays wash routine (every other or every third day depending on how lazy I am):

– quick cold rinse to get the major stuff out
– fill the tub with hot hot hot water and 3 tbs of RnG, let it sit 30-60 min
– finish the cycle (longest cycle on my machine – 19min, three rinses)
– 9 min cycle on hot
– cold rinse
– the pads go into the dryer, the pockets head over to the drying rack.

So far, we’re doing much better. No more funk and not a ton more work really. The 30 min soak is fine and often turns into 60 or 90 min because I forget..haha…no biggie though. We’re not having any trouble with build up, repelling, or stink now! Woohooo….

Apr 172011
Apr 152011

No sooner had I said that the sleep and diaper battles were in the win column than Noah does his typical switch up! The last few nights have been rough beyond rough…last night in particular!

I’m in NYC for work but get a call at 4:00am from DH saying that Noah had been up since 1 screaming! My first response was take him to the ER because something’s very wrong…then we talked more and I found out he was awake and fussy but fine when you let him play. Silly boy, 4am is not play time. DH said you could tell he’s exhausted and really wants to sleep but he’s way beyond the point of no return and it’s a battle to get him down. Such a viscous cycle! It hurt my heart not being able to be there to comfort him (and DH!)…so I did what I could, direct over the phone. I ran thru my usual tricks with DH and we finally settled on teething and ibuprofen. DH hangs up and I get up and get ready to catch my car to the airport. 20 min DH calls back – it worked! He was sleeping (and DH was going to bed for the first time all night!). Needless to say, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough few days due to new molars!

Me, sad, at the airport wishing I could just tele-transport home

In other news, well, there’s not much other news. Our lives are boring right now (which is nice). I’m hoping for a nice weekend so I can get out and take some pictures. Speaking of pics, I started a Fbook page for my photography stuff. It’s not really a business, yet, but I’m hoping that I can pick up some jobs on the side to help out with the house fund (the fund to help us accumulate enough cash to sell the house we have and buy another with more land..). Anywho..check it out if you get a chance – Kloepping Photography

Oh, and I’ve only run once this week – no bueno! This trip put a real crimp in things…let’s hope our 5 miler this weekend works out.

Apr 122011

There have been a few battles raging in our house over the last few weeks. Some we’re winning (but not ready to declare victory) the other, well, we’ve been defeated and will regroup in a while and try again!

1. The ants!
The little tiny black critters are always a problem in the spring. Va is just not cold enough to kill them off each season and our house is definitely not sealed up well enough to keep them out. We’ve done a better job sealing things as we renovated but nothing’s perfect. Case in point, they used to come in under the kitchen window around the sink. Since we sealed that up with spray foam during the renovation, they’re resorted to finding a way in thru the dining room under the window and base boards. I’m not about to rip the base boards up to spray foam so it was time to find another way to keep them out.

We tried a number of methods to kill them – spraying outside, ant hotels, Terro. We also cleaned very thoroughly, sealed up every thing in the pantry, and moved from eating in the dining room (noah’s high chair is a particular challenge to clean) to eating in the kitchen. Nothing was working and I was hesitant to spray inside because of the dog and Noah. So, we found this stuff, Home Defense, that was safe for pets and kids once it was dry. It was worth a shot. I sprayed along the baseboards of the outside wall and then around the corner into the kitchen. I also sprayed around the base of the kitchen cabinets where they were crawling up. While i’m not ready to declare victory, today was the first morning that I walked into my kitchen and didn’t see any of the little black critters crawling on my counter tops!

My hunch is that the Terro and the ant hotels were encouraging them to come inside and they’d never make it back out so they poison wouldn’t make it to the nest. With the Home Defense stuff, they never even make it inside! Win!

2. Noah’s sleep!
For now at least Noah’s back on a good sleep trend (and as I say this I’m totally jinxing myself). He’s easy to put down and when he does wake in the wee hours he’s usually just thirsty so a quick bottle with just water and we’re back to sleep. I kinda miss our snuggle time but I’m learning to love my sleep more (and the cuteness that he is when he wakes up rested in the AM)

3. Diaper leaks!
Now that he’s getting a little water in the middle of the night to quench his thirst we’re finding that his old diaper solution wasn’t holding up. The more I stuffed to get absorbency in there, the further off his body the diaper would sit and gap at the legs etc…I bought new inserts that are nice, trim and supposedly absorbent but all but I think need a few more washes to live up to their hype.

On a whim I decided to try a Kissaluvs fitted with a Joey Bunz booster and an Econobums cover. Two nights running and we’ve woken up dry! I hope this continues!

4. The bottle!
Okay, this is our one defeat. Noah’s no longer getting bottles at daycare or with meals and that’s great but we haven’t been able to break the bed time bottle or the one in the wee hours. Plus, he LOVES to just chew on it while he plays (and I attribute it to his new found ability to put himself to bed). I’ve been trying really hard to take it away when he’s not actually drinking something but man, if you don’t hide it quick you hear about it! The kid is obsessed (but easily distracted)…I figure we’re still doing okay with everything else, this is one I’m not going to fight just yet.

Anyways…for your patience in reading all of this, a little Noah cuteness…

Apr 112011

Back at the start of the winter I signed DH and I up for a half marathon in an effort to get us motivated to stay in shape over the winter. Well, here we are about 5 weeks out and I about died on a 3 mile run today. This so does not bode well. I have to get up to at least 10 miles before May 15. The plan looks like this:

Week 1 (this week): MWF: 3.0mi Long run 5.0mi
Week 2: MWF: 4.0mi, 4.0mi, 5mi, Long run: 7.0mi
Week 3: MWF: 6.0mi, 6.0mi, 7.0mi Long run: 9.0mi
Week 4: MWF: 6.0mi, 7mi, 8mi Long run: 10mi
Week 5 (taper..haha): 7.0mi, 7.0mi, 6.0mi, Race on Sunday.

Pretty ambitious me thinks….last half we ran we only got to 8mi in training and I had nothing left for the last 2 miles of the race. I finished running but just barely. So, i’m thinking that if we can get to 10mi prior to the race we should be good. I suppose if we get to 8 then we’re none worse off than when we did this last time (except the course this time is a bit more hilly).

Here’s to hoping my knees hold up!

Apr 102011

We had a productive and relaxing weekend in the Kloep house! Saturday was rainy but that didn’t keep hubs from working on the landscaping and I spent the morning with an adorable 1 week old doing a newborn photoshoot for a friend (then spent the rest of the afternoon editing the pictures because I was so excited).

Sunday was nicer weather + nothing really in the plans so Noah and I went shopping. He was only partly amused, I had to bribe him with Nutrigrain bars to get thru Kohls but man was it worth it! 50% off kids clothes plus another 15% means I got like $400 worth of clothes for just over $200! Noah is set for the summer!

Then, as the sun was setting, the lighting was beautiful and weather just right so DH grabbed the camera and had an impromptu photo shoot with Noah while I got things straightened up inside and his bath drawn. They both came in covered in grass and mud brandishing a beat up tulip (which Noah thrust into my hand at the prompting of daddy – he’s getting better with instructions)

Apr 082011

Wow, that came up quickly! I was just writing the recap from last weekend it seems – phew! I guess that’s a good thing, means we were busy and things just moved along. It was a relatively uneventful week thankfully. Noah was healthy and was sleeping better (not great but better) and work was surprisingly normal. So I don’t have much to share…it’s good to be boring some times.

I will humor you with some pictures though. I was cleaning off our CF cards in preparation for a photo shoot with an adorable newborn tomorrow and found these:

He’d pulled the goldfish bag out of the snack drawer, closed the drawer and promptly upended the bag dumping the entire contents on the floor. Both he and the dog were in heaven….

This one was last night. He sleeps with his little bum straight up in the air and we were trying to get a picture of it. By the time we got the camera out, he’d shifted into this pose…fast asleep…

Anywho…hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to talk about soon.

Apr 062011

Here we are at another Vloggin Vednesday and I actually got my butt in gear and put a vid together:) The task was to talk about your significant other (be it pet, spouse, etc..). I picked Noah since he’s one of the two objects of my affection these days (well, three if you count the dog) and object #1 was already off for work.

The more I watch myself the more I realize that i do odd things with my mouth when I talk…this is a new development, I never noticed it before…guess I’m just weird:)

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Apr 052011

Before DH would entertain the idea of baby #2 he wanted to get a better sense of what our options were for preschool for Noah. I insisted that we had plenty of time but he wasn’t budging. My hunch was that he was just stalling…but, he under estimated me haha..I set to searching for preschool information asap.

Our biggest concern was the logistics of daycare, preschool and our jobs. Most preschools around here are from 9:30am – 12 or 1ish. So that meant that one of us would have to take a long lunch break to shuttle Noah around, find another mom who’d be willing to shuttle or we move him from the current daycare to another daycare that offers pre-school in addition to regular daycare (basically one of the big centers that are almost twice what we pay for Noah at his current provider).

Then I started to look at what preschool offered and the necessity of it all. I didn’t go to preschool and I turned out just fine (no, really, I did!). I realize that preschool establishes behaviors that are helpful when they get to kindergarten (like general socialization, lining up, following directions, numbers, letters etc..) but as I looked that the course work they did in preschool I realized that our current daycare provider does all of that with her kids! For the kids that are old enough there is structured class time where they read stories, learn number, letters, etc.

So there appears to be no reason to change our routine or have to worry about shuttling him around. Elizabeth provides structured day activities that he’d receive in a preschool. Bonus!

My question to you, how do working parents swing preschool? do they? Is their only option to either forgo preschool all together or find a center that provides preschool like curriculum (which is often times more expensive)? I’m interested in any creative ways folks accomplished it – we’re pretty set I think but I’m always evaluating to make sure Noah’s thriving and developing properly.

Apr 042011
Apr 012011

There’s a new fixture over there on the right side bar that I hope you’ll visit. I’ve decided to become an affiliate of Kelly’s closet because it’s where I’ve bought the bulk of my cloth and I’ve been really happy with their selection and service. They have all of my favorite brands as well as a whole host of other CD accessories, baby gear, gear for moms and other natural home products. Plus they have awesome sales on a regular basis and free shipping on orders over $49 (which is not hard to do when there’s so much cute fluff to pick from!).

I hope if you’re considering cloth or just need to buy more fluff that you’ll click thru on my banner over there and pay them a visit!

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