Mar 312011

I still have some finishing touches to put on it and some testing to do but for the most part the overall look and feel is done. The template I found is AWESOME and soo customizable. There are lots of features in it that I haven’t even touched yet but hope to in the future.

Lemme know what you think!

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  5 Responses to “So..whacha think?”

  1. Lovely lady…. I love easy navigation, makes blog strolling more fun! Way to go!

  2. Nice facelift on the blog! I see you’re using wordpress. I use that as well now & it’s a love/hate relationship.

    BTW, when are you going to take me up on that free photo scanning offer?

    • Thanks John! I get your love/hate relationship with WP…i am loving this template though. So many options and it’s sooo easy. A million times easier than my last template.

      I’ll certainly take you up on the offer, i just need to find some photos that need scanned! Next time I’m home at my parents I’ll see what I can gather up. Send me the info.

  3. It’s looking really cute! I was suprised this morning when I logged onto my blog and saw your new button on my sidebar, super cute.

    • Thanks Em! I’m much happier with the new layout and the template is easy enough to use that if I wanted someday to change my pink accents to orange, green, blue or whatever I totally can very quickly and easily. Now to get the rest of my logos updated…:)

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