Mar 142011

I’m always looking for good snacks for Noah. He’s a hearty eater but I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Sure he gets what we eat for dinner for the most part and I make sure he gets lots of fruits and veggies (we haven’t found one he doesn’t like!) but when it comes to other things like lunch and snacks (or the occasional dinner we can’t share like steak), I fall short. Pasta is easy but when he’s screaming hungry there’s not much time, graham crackers are quick but I fear the sugar, goldfish are good too but you can’t make a breakfast or dinner out of them (and the salt, oh the salt!). Enter mini Egos Waffles and Pancakes! They’re the perfect size for a quick snack and little toddler hands and Noah loves them!

Case in point:)

I wasn’t prompted to write this, I just know other mommas who look for snacks for their little guys and thought I’d share. What are your favorite snacks/foods for your toddler?

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  2 Responses to “Perfect little snack….”

  1. Cheese! I get the blocks of cheese from the store and shave them for her snack. She loves it!

  2. Along the same lines, I make French toast on the weekends and freeze the slices. Thaw in the microwave or toaster. You can do it without sugar (just egg, vanilla, and cinnamon) and use whole grain bread for a healthier version. Spread on a little mashed fruit or nut butter if you’d like for a heartier meal!

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