Mar 242011

Okay, I’ve had this blog design over a year now and I think it’s high time to change it up. Problem is, I’m not all the creative or gifted graphically. So, I’m going to put this out there and see if any of my bloggy readers would want to help or know of designers who want to help. I’m not averse to paying for their services, but I’m not made of money:) Here are the requirements:

1. Must work with WordPress (self hosted) – I can install it and even do minor configuration. I need someone to do the actual design, cutting it up, and the CSS.
2. Needs to be cute but clean – i’m over the green background. I’m thinking white with pops of color in the buttons and navigation.
3. Need to incorporate a picture or few in the header (give me an xcf or photoshop file and I can add my own)
3. Need to be social media ready (well, twitter and RSS feed at least)
4. Needs a nav bar like I have there so I can add more pages/items.
5. I’m open to a different column configuration (like maybe a wide main body, one side bar, and a footer instead of two side bars.)
6. I’ll need a new button too:)

Color themes I love (for buttons and accents) from Kuler

So….here’s the deal. Email me (info at kloepping dot com) or comment with your best sales pitch:) Examples of past work are a must. I promise to promote you on my humble little blog and in twitter and you can use your masterpiece as part of your portfolio (I’m nice like that..haha).

I’ll take proposals until Thursday of next week and then I’ll make my decision (that is if I get any responses..).

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