Mar 022011

So, Noah’s really starting to develop a personality complete with likes, dislikes, wants, and HAVETOHAVENOWORELSE’s.

Case in point:
1. he has a thing for bathrooms and toilets…he wants to play in the water (i guess dog dishes count here too) – all gross gross gross!
2. the world ends every time you take an inappropriate toy from him (hello my cell phone, the remote control, the screwdriver dh was using in the kitchen..) – only to be find 10 seconds later once he’s forgotten about it
3. he gets bored with his food and either takes two good swipes with his arm and clears the tray or picks each piece up one by one and feeds it to the eagerly awaiting dog…(kind of cute, PIA really though).
4. he thinks he’s totally hilarious. Give this kid a mirror and he’ll talk and make faces and laugh at himself for at least 20 min.
5. he’s a ham for the camera. He even knows the phone camera vs. the real camera.
6. when he’s fed up he signs “all done”…like when I’m changing his diaper (which he hates – point 7) he’s signing all done so I put him down – nekked…
7. he hates diaper changes and clothes changes – this kid would rather run around nekked…

Oh, I could go on…he’s just so hilarious these days. Like today, in the car on the way home he was alternating between fake laughing and loud punctated “oh!”‘s to himself in the mirror. I so wish I could have video’s it (but alas I was driving..)

Here’s a video for your enjoyment too:) Nothing special, just typical Noah, non stop jabbering away.

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  1. I love that age! So fun! For all the stress kids cause us, the pay us back in giggles!

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