Mar 212011

So this weekend didn’t go quite as we’d planned. Noah’s stomach bug didn’t miss us as we’d first hoped. My parent arrived on Friday night just as the first butterflies started in my stomach. By Saturday afternoon I was confined to our bedroom wishing the world away. Lovely DH was kind enough to entertain my family. Okay, who am I kidding – Noah did all the entertaining… So, while we didn’t get to the zoo, DH, the grandparents, and Noah of course went for a walk to the slides and swings. I don’t know who had more fun – the grands or Noah:)

By Saturday evening DH was sick (and it wasn’t due to the Pitt basketball debacle although I’m sure that contributed) and spent all of Sunday in bed (thankfully I was feeling better).

Finally by Sunday evening we were all back to functional and the grandparents had their Noah fill (at least for the next week..haha). We’re just hoping they don’t come down with the lovely bug we had.

Perhaps we’ll get to the zoo next weekend…

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