Mar 192011

So, the vomiting seemed isolated to Thursday evening and the wee hours of Friday. We made it thru the rest of Friday with no more incidents (and aside from a mild upset stomach for me we all see to be in the clear). However, last night his fever returned and the snot buckets also returned as did the wailing and pulling on the ears. We’re off to the docs this AM to get it checked out and had to skip our last swim class (i’m bummed – gramma and papa were here to watch Noah swim:( ). Hopefully we get him sorted and he’s in a good mood because today is beautiful and would be an awesome trip to the zoo! We’ll see…

So, I hope to have some awesome zoo pics for you all later…but for now here’s an adorable video…

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  1. Aw, toddlers throwing up are the worst! But his laugh makes up for it! Great video!

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