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2011 March » The Adventures of Noah and Lia
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Mar 312011

I still have some finishing touches to put on it and some testing to do but for the most part the overall look and feel is done. The template I found is AWESOME and soo customizable. There are lots of features in it that I haven’t even touched yet but hope to in the future.

Lemme know what you think!

Mar 302011

I’m skipping Vlogging Vednesday because it’s super busy here and I’m not going to have time to get it assembled in time. Instead I’m sharing a wordless Wednesday with y’all..

Btw…i’m still looking for someone to help me with a wordpress theme for this site…

Mar 292011

How do you get your toddler to eat? Why, just let him feed you…

(watch to the end to see him sign “all done”)

Mar 282011

Gramma said she needed more pictures….thankfully I took some this weekend and this morning so I can share but I’m going to spread them out…haha, get a few good posts out of his cute little face.

These two were funny….after I found them sleeping on the floor in the nursery and snapped a few pics, Noah woke up all smiles. I was folding clothes and turned around and he was putting toys on daddy. I caught him in the act hence the cute little smile. The pics are a little blurry because the lighting was challenging and he was moving but it’s cute none the less:)

Funny story: Yesterday at my in-laws Noah was standing in the foyer just giggling at us and he starts walking backwards! After a few steps I realize he’s backing up to find a spot to sit down. He kept moving backwards till his bum hit the step and he plopped down to play with his toy. It’s was the cutest thing. He was proud of heck of himself and I was impressed with his ability to walk backwards.

Mar 282011

DH let me sleep in this AM! I woke up at 7:45 and everything was silent. I figured they were sleeping again so I took my time getting ready and then decided it was time to get Noah ready for school. I opened the door of the nursery to find DH on the floor under a blanket and a tiny little lump next to him. Upon further inspection, this is what I found:

Mar 262011

So, over a year in cloth and everyone was right, your needs change as your LO grows up. We still have our staple BG 3 and 4’s and FB’s but I’ve added a few others to our stash as I try to solve our night time diaper problem. I thought I’d run thru the main parts of our stash with my experiences noted for others. These are all one size pocket diapers (unless otherwise noted in my write up). They are a bit more expensive to get started but are much closer to a disposable diaper experience which was important for DH and daycare. My general routine is to stuff them as they come out of the wash so they’re ready to go – just lay one down and strap it on:)

Bum Genius 3.0/4.0 One Size

This makes up the bulk of our stash. We have 15 or so of these babies in both Aplix and Snap. Over time I’m finding that I prefer snaps because the velcro wears out, starts to separate from the diaper and curls. It’s all fine, I’m simply replacing the old velcro with snaps as they wear out.

This is our night time diapering go to and we use it all the way open (all the sizing snaps undone so it’s as big as it gets) with one regular pad and two infant pads stuffed in the pocket. It’s quite bulky at this but pretty much bullet proof – well, at least until lately. We went thru a spell there where he’d wake up every morning soaked because his PJ’s managed to lodge themselves over the top of his diaper and wicked like crazy. I found that as I triple stuffed his diaper to get enough absorbency for night the rise of the diaper fell lower on his belly, fine for daytime when he’s sitting or upright, not good for a belly sleeper at night. I’m on the hunt for a higher rise diaper but also made an adjustment to the pad inside and unsnapped it the whole way too. That makes it less bulky in the front and seems to be doing better.

FuzziBunz One Size

This is another major brand in our stash. I have about 8 of these guys. They only come in snaps and the adjustments are done with elastic in the legs and across the back. Initially I had a harder time getting a good fit on these guy with a little effort it worked out (for a while there he was leaking around the legs something fierce!) and now I love them. I love the color selection and the super soft interior too. The pocket isn’t as large so I can’t as easily triple stuff it for night but it does make for a nice trim daytime option.

Flip Diapers One Size

This diaper is made by the same folks that make the BG’s so it’s very similar in size and shape. The biggest difference is that this is part of a system that provides a prefold stay-dry, organic, and disposable option in one diaper. It’s basically a waterproof cover with your choice of absorbent layer. I got this one for free when I ordered another set of diapers and actually like it. The problem (if you see it as that) is that it takes more to “assemble” since it’s a prefold. This is not one DH will use so it’s generally a backup/standby when we’re all out of others. But, for no other reason other than it’s a tiny bit more work to get it assembled and onto a squirmy Noah.

Knickernappies One Size – side snap

This is a new diaper to my stash and we only have two. I read a bunch about how they’re more generously sized and would work for larger babies so I thought they’d solve my rise issues for night time. The verdict is still out since my first pass I didn’t add enough absorption so we were soaked again in the AM. They’re both in the wash now so we’ll give it another go in the next day or so. They are just fine for the day time and are certainly more generously sized than the other diapers (kind of like the kawaii’s below). I think they’ll work well as part of our stash – that is once I get used to the side snaps.

Kawaii Baby

This was another freebie and I only have one. I’ve been looking to get more and for the price you can’t beat it! They’re definitely the cheapest on this page by a long shot ($10/diaper on average vs. $15-20 for the others). This is a night time go to as well when it’s clean. It’s very generously sized and has an enormous pocket that does well triple stuffed. So far I’ve not found anything to dislike about this diaper (other than it’s a little hard to come by…). Oh, and the laundry tabs are shot after only about 6 months of washing (then again, my BG’s are too…velcro is just like that).

There are a few others in our stash including a MonkeySnuggles or two as well as an assortment of Kissaluvs fitteds that I need to get new water proof covers for since Noah’s out grown the ones we had.

Overall we’re still very happy cloth diapering Noah. I’m content in my stash (mostly). I do want to add a few more BG 4.0’s and some FB’s just to replace one or two where the PUL is wearing out but other than that, our initial investment (still under $500!) is serving us well.

If you CD – what’s your favorite brand?

Mar 242011

Okay, I’ve had this blog design over a year now and I think it’s high time to change it up. Problem is, I’m not all the creative or gifted graphically. So, I’m going to put this out there and see if any of my bloggy readers would want to help or know of designers who want to help. I’m not averse to paying for their services, but I’m not made of money:) Here are the requirements:

1. Must work with WordPress (self hosted) – I can install it and even do minor configuration. I need someone to do the actual design, cutting it up, and the CSS.
2. Needs to be cute but clean – i’m over the green background. I’m thinking white with pops of color in the buttons and navigation.
3. Need to incorporate a picture or few in the header (give me an xcf or photoshop file and I can add my own)
3. Need to be social media ready (well, twitter and RSS feed at least)
4. Needs a nav bar like I have there so I can add more pages/items.
5. I’m open to a different column configuration (like maybe a wide main body, one side bar, and a footer instead of two side bars.)
6. I’ll need a new button too:)

Color themes I love (for buttons and accents) from Kuler

So….here’s the deal. Email me (info at kloepping dot com) or comment with your best sales pitch:) Examples of past work are a must. I promise to promote you on my humble little blog and in twitter and you can use your masterpiece as part of your portfolio (I’m nice like that..haha).

I’ll take proposals until Thursday of next week and then I’ll make my decision (that is if I get any responses..).

Mar 232011

What’s your guilty pleasure? This week’s Vednesday Vlog is about guilty pleasures and I’m so lame because while I knew what it meant, I have to look it up to really put it in context and then decided that I didn’t really have one? Agh…anyways. Ignore the odd thing I’m doing with my hand.

Also, I’ve noticed this on a video or two lately that over the course of the vid the audio and video get out of sync. Are you seeing that? Perhaps I need to use something other than Photobooth to capture my vids.

Won’t you join us and share your guilty pleasure??!

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Mar 222011

I’m not one to impose my views on others, I feel that everyone has the right to do their own research and make their own decisions so what I’m sharing is my own opinion. I encourage everyone to do the research and make a choice for yourself…

That said, what are your thoughts on the new AAP guidelines to put kids rear facing until two (or the limit of their carseat)?

Personally we’d planned all along to keep Noah rear facing as long as possible. When we bought his big boy car seats, we bought the ones that would carry him up to 40lbs rear facing (Britax Boulevard 70 CS). I’d watched the videos of the crash tests and was horrified! Nothing like making an already paranoid parent even more so by showing them that (just search on youtube, there are plenty of examples). Never the less, it’s better to be educated and know the facts, no matter how horrifying (at least for me…not everyone is like that).

Now realize, the statement from the AAP is a “recommendation” or “guideline”. These are the same people that recommend you breastfeed for at least a year and don’t start solids until 6 months. Obviously not everyone follows that (we didn’t). The point is, no one can tell you what is right for your family – you need to come to that all on your own. Every situation is different.

Mar 212011

So this weekend didn’t go quite as we’d planned. Noah’s stomach bug didn’t miss us as we’d first hoped. My parent arrived on Friday night just as the first butterflies started in my stomach. By Saturday afternoon I was confined to our bedroom wishing the world away. Lovely DH was kind enough to entertain my family. Okay, who am I kidding – Noah did all the entertaining… So, while we didn’t get to the zoo, DH, the grandparents, and Noah of course went for a walk to the slides and swings. I don’t know who had more fun – the grands or Noah:)

By Saturday evening DH was sick (and it wasn’t due to the Pitt basketball debacle although I’m sure that contributed) and spent all of Sunday in bed (thankfully I was feeling better).

Finally by Sunday evening we were all back to functional and the grandparents had their Noah fill (at least for the next week..haha). We’re just hoping they don’t come down with the lovely bug we had.

Perhaps we’ll get to the zoo next weekend…

Mar 192011

So, the vomiting seemed isolated to Thursday evening and the wee hours of Friday. We made it thru the rest of Friday with no more incidents (and aside from a mild upset stomach for me we all see to be in the clear). However, last night his fever returned and the snot buckets also returned as did the wailing and pulling on the ears. We’re off to the docs this AM to get it checked out and had to skip our last swim class (i’m bummed – gramma and papa were here to watch Noah swim:( ). Hopefully we get him sorted and he’s in a good mood because today is beautiful and would be an awesome trip to the zoo! We’ll see…

So, I hope to have some awesome zoo pics for you all later…but for now here’s an adorable video…

Mar 172011

So, as we finish the last of the antibiotics for his double ear infection, he comes home today from daycare puking his poor little guts out. We’re still trying to decide if it’s a stomach virus or something he ate. I guess they had 4 kids at daycare all start to vomit today so it could be food poisoning…or it could be a virus. We may never know, I just hope it’s short. The only bonus is that he’s quite happy in between vomiting spells and he doesn’t really show any discomfort prior to puking (although he cries as he’s doing it and for a bit afterward).

Stay tuned for now, this could be a bumpy ride…

Mar 162011

I saw this on a few other blogs I frequent and thought I’d play along. You can see parts of my lovely home office as I take a break from work to impart great wisdom and wit on all you lucky people…haha.

Today’s Vlog is called QnA. There were three questions to answer:
•Why did you start bloggin?
•If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
•What is the biggest personal change you have ever made?

You can see that I can’t really stick to task and I tend to wander off on tangents but in the end I get to my point – I promise! Oh! and I actually put make up on today! Lucky people!

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Mar 142011

I’m always looking for good snacks for Noah. He’s a hearty eater but I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Sure he gets what we eat for dinner for the most part and I make sure he gets lots of fruits and veggies (we haven’t found one he doesn’t like!) but when it comes to other things like lunch and snacks (or the occasional dinner we can’t share like steak), I fall short. Pasta is easy but when he’s screaming hungry there’s not much time, graham crackers are quick but I fear the sugar, goldfish are good too but you can’t make a breakfast or dinner out of them (and the salt, oh the salt!). Enter mini Egos Waffles and Pancakes! They’re the perfect size for a quick snack and little toddler hands and Noah loves them!

Case in point:)

I wasn’t prompted to write this, I just know other mommas who look for snacks for their little guys and thought I’d share. What are your favorite snacks/foods for your toddler?

Mar 112011

It’s only been like three days since I last posted but let me say they have been the longest three days in a very long time. I’m struggling right now balancing work and home. It’s the end of the quarter at work and I’m in sales so things are super super busy and we’re pushing hard to close everything we can for those quarterly numbers. That means 12 and 15 hour days and working the weekends most times. It’s fun and exciting but damn it’s exhausting! I swear this week has just gone on and on and on. It seemed like friday would never get here. Because i’m too darn exhausted to think in full paragraphs here’s an update in bullet form:

– Noah has a double ear infection
– He’s cutting two molars too (and i need to feel for the other two because I swear they have to be pushing thru too with all the crank and attitude I’m getting these days)
– Noah’s also in a new habit of popping up at 5 or 5:30am to play…he thrashes and cries when I try to get him back to sleep (he thrashes and cries if ignore him too hoping he puts himself back to sleep) so I’ve been starting my days early. I’m surprisingly productive in the AMs…perhaps this needs to be a habit.
– I paid $20 for the doc to tell me I just have to ride this stupid virus/cold/whatever out. She said keep taking the Robitussin and get lots of rest, fluids, and hot showers (to losen the congestion i suppose). Haha…right…rest…
– Upside to the docs appt is that I found out that my home scale is about 6lbs heavy and in dire need of batteries. I knew I couldn’t have been “exactly” (like down to the oz) the same weight for almost 2 months now! So, in a matter of min, I lost about 8 lbs! woohoo…
– Our beach vaca is booked! We’re off to Duck in September!
– Got the save the date for my girlfriends wedding in September too! Lots of beach time for me in the fall!
– The rain has stopped and we haven’t floated away (trying for something more hopeful and upbeat)
– annnndd….I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance….(haha? get it?)

And for good measure, because every whiny post needs some Noah to brighten it up…

Mar 082011

This week at swim class DH was in the pool with Noah so I was free to take pictures. I only carried the 50mm with me which was not quite adequate to get nice and zoomed up (without landing me in the pool too…) so I had to rely on post processing zoom (aka a close crop).

Mar 082011

Okay, I’ve concluded that I’m not going to get around to his 12 month picky sticky shot….maybe this weekend….for now I’ll put thsi up and update it once I have the pics:) Btw…I wrote this weeks ago! haha

Wow! We made it – our little man is 1 year old! How time flies! We had a wonderful party as you saw in my previous posts and then we had pancakes on his birthday for breakfast.

At the dr’s on Friday he was deemed perfectly health and on track. 23lbs (50%) and 31inch (80%) – long and lean:) He’s been cruising thru the milestones like wildfire.

– walking like he’s been doing it all his life! It’s now his preferred mode of transportation. (even watched him take on the step down into our back room by holding on to the wall!)
– gives us a mama and a dada lots now. He says it most days like he actually recognizes us.
– just Saturday he said his first non mama/dada word – Tucker (my parents dog)
– he’s pointing at things so we tell him what they are. He’s still not recognizing things as we ask him for them so we just recite what he’s pointing at and hope he catches on
– we moved to real milk although he’s not a huge fan yet so we’re doing lots of water and milk based products (cheeses, yogurt, etc).
– There’s 8 teeth in there now!
– He’s mimicking a ton now! We had him brushing his own hair the other day…haha
– Sleep comes and goes. He’s still at 2 naps a day most times for a total of 3 hours. Bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 8:30 depending on the nap situation and if he’s tired. We just kind of watch him and expect the sleep queues. He’ll wake between 6 and 7:30.
– We’ve pretty much dropped the morning bottle so that leaves the three at daycare and the one evening one. I’m going to have them try to drop one more at daycare and replace it with water or milk and a small snack and see how that goes. He’s eating 14 – 18 oz of formula and all table foods (this kid LOVES blueberries!).


ps…as I read this, so much has changed already and he’s only 1 year and 1 week old…haha…

Mar 062011

I was typing away on my computer and Noah was being very quiet, I looked over the ottoman to find this:

Yup, he was fully content to pull the tissues out of the box one by one…haha…I stopped him while we still had half a box left.

In other news, i have a dozen or so posts half started and have yet to find the energy or time to finish them. I crashed last night at 9:30 (i actually had planned on posting this last night) and work is really busy right now. Anyways, hang tight. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch accomplished and queue up some posts for the week.

Mar 022011

So, Noah’s really starting to develop a personality complete with likes, dislikes, wants, and HAVETOHAVENOWORELSE’s.

Case in point:
1. he has a thing for bathrooms and toilets…he wants to play in the water (i guess dog dishes count here too) – all gross gross gross!
2. the world ends every time you take an inappropriate toy from him (hello my cell phone, the remote control, the screwdriver dh was using in the kitchen..) – only to be find 10 seconds later once he’s forgotten about it
3. he gets bored with his food and either takes two good swipes with his arm and clears the tray or picks each piece up one by one and feeds it to the eagerly awaiting dog…(kind of cute, PIA really though).
4. he thinks he’s totally hilarious. Give this kid a mirror and he’ll talk and make faces and laugh at himself for at least 20 min.
5. he’s a ham for the camera. He even knows the phone camera vs. the real camera.
6. when he’s fed up he signs “all done”…like when I’m changing his diaper (which he hates – point 7) he’s signing all done so I put him down – nekked…
7. he hates diaper changes and clothes changes – this kid would rather run around nekked…

Oh, I could go on…he’s just so hilarious these days. Like today, in the car on the way home he was alternating between fake laughing and loud punctated “oh!”‘s to himself in the mirror. I so wish I could have video’s it (but alas I was driving..)

Here’s a video for your enjoyment too:) Nothing special, just typical Noah, non stop jabbering away.

Mar 012011

Okay, so I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and noticed that The Paper Mama did a Vlog called the dialect vlog. I was intrigued by how I might say things so I decided to try it for myself. I’ve decided that when I talk unscripted to a camera I say stupid things…haha…so, if you make it thru all 7 and a half minutes of this, you really love me..haha.

The list of words if you want to do it (or have no clue what I’m saying) are Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

The questions are:
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped
body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry
groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Anyone else want to try it? if you do, send me your link:)

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