Feb 072011

So I’m a day late on this but I have a good excuse – the Superbowl was yesterday and my beloved Steelers were playing (too bad they didn’t actually show up until the second half…argh…I dont want to talk about it..)

Anywho…I’m genuinely surprised. Not having been very active since about my 7th month with Noah I was anticipating a really rough first week of running. But, I made all three runs with not a ton of pain (and a pretty good pace for me) plus, they’re already starting to get easier. Dodging the snow and ice makes it slow going at times and the dog is still getting into her groove (as in, running and not stopping every 10 feet to sniff) but all in all it was a good first week.

The plan called for a 30 min run on Tuesday, a 25 min run on Thursday and a 3 mile run on Sunday. Tuesdays run was just under 2.5 miles (mainly because I biffed it early in the run and had to slow down to let my poor sore bum recover). Thursdays run was 2.6 miles in 25 min and my three mile run took a little over 32 min. I’m slightly sore today from yesterdays run and was pretty darn sore earlier in the week from the previous runs but that too is getting better.

I need to do some cross training today – weights or something but the plan says not to do anything that uses my calves? I’m sure there’s a reason there but right now it’s not clear to me. However, I will oblige since I need to do some arm work anyways (although, lifting a 24lb one year old is a good workout most days)

The weight is not dropping off like I’d hoped but it’s still early. I’m continuing my calorie counting and this three day a week running plan should have it gone in no time right??:) I really really really want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before we start trying for number 2. That way I’m not working of a compounded problem after that pregnancy (plus I’ll be more cognizant of my eating with number two…gallons of apple juice and Panera’s broccoli and cheese soup will not be my main stay!)

So, week 1 down…only 14 more to go until the race.

ETA: I totally spaced…I actually was kickboxing thru the summer (at least until I got laid off…) that’s why this isn’t sooooo bad…wow…mommy brain at it’s finest:)

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  1. Well, your training is going much better than mine. I ran a total of zero times last week. I also worked out a total of zero times. Ugh. I went to the gym this morning and ran (since the sidewalks and roads here are snowed/iced over) for about 35 minutes. I think I ran about 3.25 miles — can’t remember. I’m way out of running shape. Ugh. Fortunately, I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I’d love to be 5-10 lbs. under (my old skinny weight). The way I’m eating, though (seriously, chocolate after I went to the gym this morning) I’m surprised I’m not gaining weight (but am happy I’m not)!

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