Feb 202011

I owe you all a post about the party (which was a raging success btw) but right now I’m too flippin tired to even think straight! We had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves but I’m plumb worn out. I’m off to relax and crash and will do a full post tomorrow – pictures and all!

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  2 Responses to “The aftermath….”

  1. You faked me out! I got all excited thinking this was the follow-up post. :P Glad to hear it went well! Can’t wait to see the pics & hear all about it!

  2. LOL!! Yea, the Aftermath is the only way to describe the day after a party for your child, that you have thrown yourself into, blood, sweat and tears! :) So glad to hear it was a success! can’t wait to hear all about it. hopefully we can all get together this summer…Hugs to little Noah!!

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