Feb 212011

So, while the house is still pretty much a mess and I’m sure we’ll be recovering for at least the next week, the party was a resounding success! A great time was had by all and there were no major disasters. The weather even held up and allowed us to open the sun room up for extra seating (which was key – 30 adults and 9 wee ones was just perfect with the extra square footage of the sun room).

When we started planning this (well, when I started planning this) it was going to be low key, family only, getting a meat and cheese plate and cake from Costco and a that was it. I can now say that when I decided there needed to be a theme is when it all started to spiral out of control. A quick search on Sock Monkey parties and I was hooked. I had so many awesome ideas that just screamed big first birthday party…so…here we are:)

The taco bar was perfect! We cooked everything the night before and used my moms big crock pots to warm it and keep it hot the next day. We had beef filling and a really awesome and quick chicken filling paired with hard shells, soft corn and soft flour tortillas (plus all the fixins for a taco). I also made some black beans and rice and my mom made her home made mac and cheese (which was a HUGE hit with the adults and the kids). For noshing we had veggies and dip, fruit kabobs with dip, an assortment of cheeses (goat and brie) with crackers and broccoli and cauliflower salad.

Desert was a trip…there were cupcakes (chocolate with butter cream, chocolate with cream cheese, and butter golden with banana mousse filling and cream cheese icing) and banana bread. I had apple fritters too but they never got set out…oops!

I think the decorations were what really put us over the top. I love crafting so I spent the last few weeks assembling things like his bunting, the cup cake toppers, the tissue poms, and the cup cake stand. My mom made him two awesome shirts for his birthday – he wore one for start of the party (until he coated it with cake) and then the other for the latter half of the party. Everyone loved them – I love them (thanks mom!)

I do have to say that this party would have never come together without the help of a bunch of people. My mom and dad arrived the day before to help clean and cook. My dad handled getting the sun room ready and hanging decorations, pictures and minding Noah. Mom and I cooked and cooked and cooked! The day-of my in laws arrived at the perfect time – 1 hour out and we were still cleaning up the kitchen and setting out the food. They pitched in getting chairs set up and getting the kitchen set up for the food. As the guests arrived at 11:00am sharp (pretty much everyone arrived at once…so funny!) we were still setting out food and cleaning up stuff so my two girlfriends Michele and Kristen pitched in to allow me to go greet guests and get things settled. Thanks guys – could have never done it without you.

All in all a great great weekend and a great party. It was a ton of fun to plan and though there were some stressful moments, I would do it all over again (and will I suppose for #2’s first birthday some day down the road).

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  5 Responses to “Party we did!”

  1. […] We prepped just about all of the food (including three kinds of muffins — for my muffin!), which was great. We had a taco bar with all kinds of options so people could create just what they wanted. (Thanks for the idea, Lindsay!) […]

  2. So sorry we missed the fun party,but aren’t pictures and computers the greatest?
    I’m for that taco idea also.I love tacos.
    Again I’m sorry we missed the fun.

    Love to all,
    Grammy Peg and Papa Don comment

  3. So sorry we missed the fun party,but aren’t pictures and computers the greatest?
    I’m for that taco idea also.I love tacos.
    Again I’m sorry we missed the fun.

    Love to all,
    Grammy Peg and Papa Don

  4. Cute! I’m still hoping Shelby’s party will be low key. That’s the plan, anyway. However, I love your taco bar idea. I may have to borrow it!

  5. Wow! It looks amazing! Great job, mama! Love the sock monkey them!

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