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This time last year I was doing what most fully baked mommas did – jumped at every cramp and twinge and swear to get that hospital bag packed asap! The dr’s appt at 37 weeks finally kicked me into high gear and I started to gather stuff. I browsed the other mommy blogs and the bump trying to figure out exactly what I needed. So, with so many friends that are due soon, I thought I’d share my bag contents and what we used and didn’t use…

We had three bags – mine, hubby’s, and accessories (a laptop bag really)

Hubby’s bag was easy:
– toiletries (glasses, contact solution, tooth brush, razor/shave cream, deodorant)
– fresh boxers
– fresh clothes (just one change since he could go home)
– Snacks
– money (coins and small bills)

– toiletries (glasses, contact solution, tooth brush, shampoo)
– yoga pants that I didn’t mind if they got messy (2 pair)
– nursing tanks (3)
– robe that I didn’t mind getting messy (I wore this, mesh undies, and a nursing tank for the first two days)
– fuzzy socks
– going home outfit for Noah
– blanket for Noah (light and heavy – they provide all the blankets you need really)

– Point and Shoot camera (charger and card reader) – this had our video capability built in.
– SLR Camera (extra batteries, 50mm lens, and card reader)
– Laptop (there was wifi in the hospital) and charger
– cell phones and chargers
– important phone numbers
– insurance info

What we brought but didn’t use:
– MP3 player (never really got to a point in labor that I needed/wanted it)
– toiletries for me (the hospital provided them – except the contact solution)
– books to read (we either slept, watched Noah, or surfed the internet)
– stop watch (the nurses and the contax monitors covered all that)

What we didn’t bring but wanted (and had brought to us later):
– Pillows from home. The hospital pillows were flat and it was nice to have something comfortable from home.
– Boppy. I didn’t bring it originally because we had so much already. I figured my mom could bring it back in the morning.
– Another hat for Noah (the stocking hats from the hospital were so flimsy. We sent it home so the dog could smell and my mom brought us a few new ones).

What we didn’t bring at all:
– Diapers/wipes (the hospital provided all that we needed there…)
– clothes outside of his going home outfit (he was swaddled in a blanket the whole time)
– Undies for me (the hospital provided all the mesh ones I wanted which were exactly what I needed)

Other items (some are optional):
– car seat (duh..:) )
– bags for toting stuff home (the nurses load you up on supplies, anything opened will get tossed so you may as well bring it home. Grab more monster sanitary pads, witch hazel pads, dermoplast, mesh undies, ice packs, chux pads, etc.. you’ll be thankful!)
– birthing ball if you want
– cards/puzzles (there’s quite a bit of waiting, or at least here was for us)

We were in the hospital about the length of time a c-section birth would be (3 days? I can’t remember now..). I stayed in the hospital garb for the first few hours after his birth. As soon as they cleared me to get up and walk (my epidural had worn off), I took a quick shower and changed into a nursing tank, mesh undies, and a robe. The following day I donned yoga pants too.

For Noah, he was swaddled in a diaper 90% of the time. He also had the hospital issued baby shirt. We’d strip him down to nurse for the skin to skin contact so too many clothes was a PIA. Plus, as the jaundice set in, he was fully naked (well, diaper) as he took his first trip to the tanning bed so from there on it was just a diaper and a blanket when he was out of the lights. We did dress him to bring him home but even his first week at home was spent swaddled so he was in a diaper only alot (he got too hot with clothes plus the swaddle).

Anyways…this was my list. We actually did pretty well in planning. There was not a ton that we brought that we didn’t use and what we needed we just had my parents bring when they visited (we were still on restricted visiting hours due to H1N1). I would recommend a small cooler with food for Hubs and for you after the birth. I went for almost 40 hours without anything more than jello, Popsicles, juice and ice. They allowed me the occasional saltine to help stave of some of the hunger (if I was a rebel I would have taken a big bit of the cliff bar that I’d stashed:) )

And for reminiscent sake…here’s me at 38 weeks…this time last year!

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