Feb 262011

We took Noah swimming a few weeks ago at the local hotel while visiting with some out of town friends. He loved it so much that he cried when we took him out of the water. From that point on he viewed the bathtub as his own little swimming pool and would flip over, submerse his face and just splash around. I decided to sign him up for swimming lessons over at the local rec center and today was his first class!

It’s not so much a swimming lesson but rather fun activities in the water to get the babies used to it and comfortable. We sing songs, float around and try to get them to use their arms to pull and legs to kick. Noah’s totally an over achiever:) We spent some time in the kiddie pool and it only took him 2 min to dive headfirst into the water (mostly to drink it but he came up smiling). The instructor even used him for the first example:)

You can see him in the video below, the only one standing and then trying to launch himself into the water.

Here were trying to teach them to paddle with their arms and kick with their feet…yea, he only got it part of the time.

I wait for next week! DH is going to take his turn and be in the pool while I take pics and video:)

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  2 Responses to “Our Little Water Baby…”

  1. I love it when Noah leans into the water to splash his hands – as well as his feet. Seems like he’s ready for more of a challenge. Will you be home any weekend in March? I am scheduling a pampered chef party and thought it would be fun to do it when you are here. I will be inviting the church ladies and some work folks and I am sure they would love to see/meet Noah… No big deal though — just if you were planning a trip north!

  2. Awww, so cute! We did swim lessons – much more fun and introduction to water than lessons, also – with Ava this past summer, and she loved it. We’ll definitely be doing it again this year!

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