Feb 042011

Actually, there’s debate in our house on whether we should consider him a walker or not….he’s been taking steps for a while. Ya know, 2-3 between DH and I or between toys. It wasn’t until this last week or so that he really took off on his own, aimed away from us or from any toys. He’d get 10 or 15 steps in and just plop down. His preferred mode of transportation is still crawling but he can walk now with deliberate steps, even stopping to balance without falling.

I’ve seen him take off across his nursery and across the tv room downstairs. Of course, what I’ve caught on video is not all that impressive. Every time he does it I run for the camera only to find that he’s happy crawling around for the next hour. Gah…frustrating.

This is the best I have so far…

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  2 Responses to “Annnnnnd….we’re walkin..”

  1. Your whole world will change now! So fun!

  2. Woot woot! Go Noah!

    Soon he’ll be taking off so fast you’ll wonder why you ever encouraged him to walk LOL

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