Jan 172011

I have 5 posts started but have not had the chance to finish any of them! I was out of town last week for work and then arrived home only to turn around and repack for a trip to da Burgh for a wedding. Both were great times for sure but it’s time to get back on a normal schedule:) I will endeavor to post at least three times this week. I have some updates to post and some party questions I need to ask of you guys.

Anywho…i’ll leave you with a promise to write and post a few pics later and with a funny story for putting up with me…. DH and I were talking about good foods for Noah and were contemplating raisins. I thought that maybe they’re still a little hard for him so I suggested maybe soaking them in a bit of juice to soften them…DH responded: “You mean like a grape? You could even soften them with grape juice!”. Of course he was totally sarcastic and we laughed hard at that (okay, maybe you had to be there…it was funny in person I swear!)

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  1. Beware of raisins — Jordan loved to put them up his nose.

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