Jan 032011

Now that the recipient has seen her gift, I’ll show you all what we gave her (well, our copy anyways)….

The stepping stone has Noah’s feet in it and was a gift for his gramma (my mom) to put in her garden.

It was a super easy craft to do – here’s what we used (it made 2 12 inch stones):

– 10lbs of concrete
– 2 12 inch plastic trays (we used the ones that you get for under a potted plant – like $1.50 each at HomeDepot)
scrap glass (you can find this in most craft stores – i had a mix of art glass and sea glass. If you wanted to be really thrifty, break up some old dishes/glasses etc…just be careful)
– letter stamps
– cute baby feet or hands

Mix up the concrete according to the instructions (i made mine a little too wet). Put the trays on a sturdy surface where you can leave them for 48 hours without moving (I used a piece of plywood so I could move them before they were dry). Fill the trays almost to the top with the concrete then shake it a bit to level it out. You can smooth it with a trowel if you want – we didn’t. Leaving some space for the feet/hands, start embedding the glass in the wet concrete. Once it’s set up some (about 10 or 20 min) do the feet/hand impressions. When things are almost set, use the letter stamps to impress the name and date (or whatever). Timing will vary so just test it as you go. Overall we had about 30 min with the concrete pliable enough to embed the glass, do the impressions (without having them collapse), and do the letters (again, without having it collapse). Now let it set for 48 hours before unmolding. Some of the stuff around the edges may break off if you put the glass really close. I was okay with that because it added to the “stone” quality of the piece.

Overall it was a quick and easy project and so much fun. Noah wasn’t much of a fan of getting really dirty but he survived and we have these amazing prints of his cute little feet!!!

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  One Response to “Super secret Christmas Present revealed…”

  1. How about some pictures/film of the kid singing with the Baby Einstein?????

    BTW: as soon as dad clears the poop from the flower bed (Tuck and Macie are prolific poopers), I will put my stepping stone in the garden….

    LOve ya.


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