Jan 302011

After a really long week of the sickies, little sleep, and just general cruddiness I think we’re all either on the mend or all better! Sleep has been found and Noah’s all smiles again (mostly – those 4 new teeth are causing some issues).

This past week we had our first big snow storm – thankfully we weren’t one of the ones that got stuck for 12 hours on the road but it did take DH to 2.5 hours to make a 20 min trip home from work. Not fun! But…once everyone stopped panicking and the roads were cleared we’ve found ourselves smack in the middle of a winter wonderland and today was a perfect day to take Noah out for a little walk in his new sled…

It took us a few min to figure out how to get him latched in and not sliding out but once we were set he seemed to enjoy himself…okay, maybe not enjoy but at least he tolerated us and didn’t fuss:) I love that little boy!

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