Jan 212011

So Noah still has a fever so it’s a no go for daycare….since I have a pretty tough deadline today, DH is going to come home after his one mandatory meeting and take over Noah duties so I can focus. Until then I’m using the TV nanny and blockades to keep him busy….see..

It makes him mad but keeps me sane and I’m able to sit in the same room with him and continue to work some….

If i don’t blockade him…this is what happens….

And last but not least….another in the raw Noah performance…(i dont know why these are so dark, they look fine when I’m taking them….odd…)

All before 10am….what is DH in for today??! haha…

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  4 Responses to “Sick day…”

  1. RE: the singing video. Sounds like he’s singing — but looks like he’s directing — I pound out rhythms from time to time.

    Wish I was retired and could have come to help.

  2. Um, that’s an ingenuis set-up. And Dora? The best (lesbo) TV nanny there is. Ava agrees!

  3. Mercy girl… I have never seen such blockades!!! What are you raising, a kangaroo??? Too funny, hope the little guy feels better soon!

  4. Wow, I’m impressed you can do any work at all! I tried yesterday when I had to keep Shelby home (because of the great vomiting incident). She just makes a beeline for my laptop no matter how many other cool toys are around. Fortunately, Chris also worked from home, so we took Shelby shifts. Here’s hoping you meet your deadline!

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