Jan 092011

So there’s a reason the Friday shape up has been MIA – I’ve fallen off the wagon big time. I’ve tried a few times to hop back on but the darn thing just must be uneven or something ’cause I see to always fall off the other side. Miraculously I’ve not gained all that much back, I’ve simply plateaued but I’m not moving the direction I want. So…last week I finally got the bike up on the indoor trainer and got the computer all hooked up (speedometer and cadence counter) and decided to give it a try.

O. M. G

I’m sooo out of shape! 15 min on that thing had me reaching for my inhaler. I guess months without much aerobic activity does that to ya! I’m not deterred though, I’m out of town for work this coming week (although, i’m hoping I can get alot of walking in to and from the office), so starting next week I’ll be on that bike at least 3x a week for at least 15 min. In addition I use the 2 min in the AM and PM while I’m brushing my teeth to do squats, leg raises, and other small but will hopefully impact the main effort.

So..here’s to starting again….130.4 lbs

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