Jan 252011

So the time has come to start party planning! Actually, I started awhile ago but it’s kicking into high gear now that his party is just a few weeks away! I spent the other night on the first craft project for his party – cupcake flags!

You can see the letters for his bunting lined up on the table too….that’s the next project but I have to wait for the ribbon to get here to make it much further.

I’m trying not to go overboard but I am my mothers daughter and it’s kind of in our blood:) I see all these great ideas and have to do all of them – ha!

Plus I have this nifty toy that just begs to be used (Cricut all set up on Noah’s highchair)

I’ve never thrown a 1st birthday party before obviously so I had to consult a few of DH’s cousins who not only have thrown 3 1st birthday parties each, they throw the cutest parties in general. I got some great ideas from them and tried to assemble our menu – here’s where we are today (and I need some help)

Banana Pudding
Bananas (too obvious for a Sock Monkey theme?)
Fruit Kabobs with Dip
Veggies and Dip

PB & J something (maybe)
Mac n Cheese (homemade – not out of the box obviously)
Meatballs (in marinara/with buns? or sweet and sour/with rice?)
(I need another main i think..)

Banana Bread
Candy Bar (An assortment of red, brown, and black candies and take home bags. This will double as the “goodie bag”)

Alternatively we can do a taco bar (instead of meatballs):
beef filling (turkey?)
chicken filling (fajita style maybe)
hard and soft tortillas
trimmings (cheese, lettuce,guac,salsa, sour cream)
Black Beans

While tacos have nothing to do with Sock Monkey, it’s easy and covers many different tastes…thoughts? My only reservation is that we’re not going to be in full sit at the table situation. We’ll have tv trays and a few tables but there may be some folks that are sitting in chairs with no table…maybe provide a bowl so they can make it like a taco salad? Ahh…so many choices…someone help me please!

Don’t even get me started about entertainment. We’ll have music on in the background but a vast majority of the kids are going to be 1 or under (with the exceptions of my nephews) so I’m just going to set up a baby proof area with toys and have some games for the few older kids we may have (maybe a pinata?)

I’m working on a plan to get our sun room warm enough to have it open as well for folks to hang out in and for kids to play in but there’s no guarantee..

Ahh…writing all this out shows me just so much I have yet to do…and only a free weekend or two to execute…okay, enough blogging, more party planning….any input you guys have is much appreciated…what do you think about the taco bar idea??

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  6 Responses to “Party time…excellent…”

  1. Linds,
    Stop worrying! It is a first b-day party…not your wedding! But, if you keep worrying (which I know that you will) let me know if you need any help.

  2. I vote tacos in a bag!!

  3. We did a taco bar for our New Year’s Eve party…we had 50+ people and half of them were kids…seating was at a premium and everyone did fine. I made shredded mexican beef (in the crockpot–VERY easy) and I did ground beef and grilled blackened chicken…The chicken was a HIT! In fact I should have made more of it and skipped the shredded beef I think. We did soft and hard taco shells (which I bought too many of–I’ve been trying to use them all up!!)

    Your ideas sound so cute…I can’t wait to see everything put together–I’m sure there will be a post about it, right?

  4. I think that taco bar is actually a great idea. They’re not difficult to eat standing up by any means, at least in my opinion!

    I think those are all great ideas! We just did desserts because it was a short late afternoon party and we’re limited by no dairy so it was going to turn into a huge hassle. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

  5. Along the ideas of tacos…you can do tacos in a bag – get the individual sized bags of Doritos (or tostitos, etc.) and provide all the fixins. Each person makes their own taco salad in the chip bag! :)

  6. I’m totally emailing you tomorrow. I’ve been in that mode for a week or so and this week I put it in overdrive.

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