Jan 182011

Okay, so I still have those 5 or so posts started but not finished. Maybe tomorrow…but for now here are two fun videos of Noah!

The first was over a week ago – it’s SUPER dry in our house (12% humidity!) so static is a real problem. Every time you touch something you get shocked (i had one go down my fingernail bed….ouch!). Anyways, we decided to have a little fun with it. DH picked Noah up and rubbed his head along the couch cushions until his fine little hair stood on end. The vid is a little dark and totally shaky because we’re all laying on the couch looking up and laughing hysterically….

The next one is daddy’s proudest moment so far – Noah’s first interaction with a volleyball! For those that don’t know, DH is a big volleyball freak. He played thru highschool and spends most of his summer (at least whenever I let him out..haha) on the sand courts down the road from us. From Noah’s first days we joked about his outside hitting skills with that arm that he insisted on holding next to his head on the way out.

Anyways, he thought it would be fun to give him the ball to see what happens. Low and behold, Noah rolled it back to him – sort of… It was cute none the less:)

Anyways, hope this holds you over until I finish the rest of the posts….

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  1. I like how Macie tried to get into the action in the volleyball video! :) Very cute little family you have, Linds!

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