Jan 112011

We really like our daycare provider. Noah loves the girls there and they take really great care of him. She was willing to do cloth for us and was totally cool with my shifted schedule initially. Well, today she gave us another reason to love her! See, DH is on his own right now with Noah (well, aside from his dad visiting to help with the pup) while I’m in Cali for work and when he mentioned this to her she offered to just keep his bottles and wash them in the evenings for him so he doesn’t have to remember to do it. Add to that Noah’s in disposables this week so DH doesn’t have to do diaper laundry, his life just got that much easier!

She doesn’t have to do the bottles but is just so nice that she’s going to for the week to make his life as a single dad easy.

On a random Noah note I called up DH to say good night and he put me on speaker phone so Noah could hear. I guess as soon as I started talking he broke out into a huge smile and started looking around the corner to try to find me. Poor kid was so confused but started talking and squealing into the phone – melted my heart! And while I dont have a video of that conversation, I do have one of him from the other day just chatter boxing away.

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