Jan 312011

I used to be an avid participant in the i ♥ faces challenges but as with most things, life got in the way. It’s certainly not for a lack of pictures although my shots pale in comparison with many of the ones in the linky. It’s still fun to get in and try! Usually these are posted to my photo blog but since this is a Noah pic, I thought I’d share with everyone!

This week’s challenge is called People Choice and you’re to post your best shot from January. I actually made this one by the skin of my teeth:) This shot was from our latest bath time session…

I actually had two that I loved but I picked the one where he’s looking directly at the camera (looking kind of worried I might add…)

Head on over to i ♥ faces to check out the rest and vote on your favorites (vote for me please!!:) ).

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  4 Responses to “i ♥ faces – Peoples Choice”

  1. What a sweetheart! I love his expression here. Adorable!

  2. So Cute! Bath time shots are the best!

  3. Love a sweet bathtime photo – this is so cute.

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