Jan 192011

So, last night is a night I’d rather not repeat ever again! About midnight we were woken to a horrible coughing/hacking/crying sound coming from Noah’s room. We both look at each other and sprung out of bed off to his room. I was suggesting to DH that perhaps he ingested something and was choking. So we started to pat his back but all that did was make it worse. After a few tense min DH said, “I’m not positive but didn’t my sister say croup sounds like a seal bark? Doesn’t he sound like he’s barking?” Yup, sure enough he was barking and quite alarmingly so.

So, while I had Noah and tried my best to console him (because his fright and crying was making it worse), DH ran off to Dr. Google to look up croup. Sudden onset when he was seemingly fine earlier today, the distinctive barking and stridor were exactly what we needed to read because they aligned perfectly with what we were experiencing.

The next 7 or so hours were filled with steamy bathrooms, walks around the sunroom in the cold moist air, and hours in the rocking chair under the humidifier. DH was a champ and took the brunt of the load (since I had an important business meeting the next day) but like any momma can attest, I didn’t sleep very much if at all. We considered the ER a few times but while he sounded awful, he was exchanging air and actually in good spirits when he wasn’t screaming. He slept in fits but did manage to book some shut eye (I wish I could say that same, I had about 2.5 hours the whole night). As soon as the sun came up we called the docs and got him in first thing.

He’s on the mend now. A dose of steroids in the am made a difference and we’ll do it again tomorrow to help work thru this. He’s been down for a few hours now and aside from a few coughing fits that he worked thru and went back to sleep, things are going okay. Although, I’m prepared for another long night…here are the “stations” from last night….that we’ve set up again for tonight…

Bed set up next to his crib that we really didn’t use

DH’s bed for the night, sitting up in the rocker with the humidifier blowing on them (isn’t he glad we got the big rocking chair?!)

My station outside in the sunroom as DH slept with Noah on the futon. We had him completely covered except for his mouth and nose. DH swore they were nice and toasty.

And my adorable, steroid crazed child!

And to add insult to injury, he’s cutting three teeth at once! Two on the top and a third on the bottom that I just noticed today.

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  2 Responses to “Croup…”

  1. Oh man – I’m so sorry to hear this! Thankfully he’s on the mend and didn’t need an ER visit, but hopefully you all are managing some sleep!

  2. Poor little guy! I hope things are looking up!!

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