Jan 022011

Okay, found a few min of down time while Noah watches some Baby Einstein (which incidentally, we’ve never really done before but he seems to LOVE – he’s dancing and singing along…soo funny!). Anywho, Santa was very good to us! Not only in the present realm but in the ability to travel to see all of our family and spend some quality time with them. It’s a long trip (about 700 miles round trip) but Noah, traffic, and the weather all held up and we made all our destinations in record time. I like to call it the trans Pennsylvania trek since we drive from here, up to one side of PA and then across to the other and back down. The only bad part, if you could call it that, was driving home with a dog that had the most retched farts for some reason. It was freezing outside but we were forced to roll the windows down more than once to air things out….ugh

Anywho, I was so busy wrangling Noah that we have very few pics from Christmas!:( Here’s what I have:

Noah ended up with more toys than he could have ever wished for! I’ve started a toy rotation in our house so he’s never bored (what on earth are we going to do for his birthday next month?!). Mommy gets to feed her photography obsession with a new set of studio lights and gramma took the hint on the blog and bought me a Lisa Leonard necklace which I LOVE!! Daddy still has to buy his present since he’s very particular and it’s kind of a big purchase (the new surround sound system he’s been wanting for years now). Over all again, Santa was good to everyone and we’re very fortunate!

The funny story of the trip (well, one of a few) involved the dogs. We left the house to visit great grands and when we left I know we locked Tucker (my parent schnauzer) in his crate in their room. Since Macie usually just sleeps we left her free to roam the house – bad idea! Upon arriving home we were greeted by both dogs and a strong odor of chocolate (thanks to Tucker’s beard). It turns out that Macie busted tucker out of his crate and then they both shared a plate of Christmas chocolates that I swear I moved to the middle of the island out of Macie’s reach (we know it was her that pulled the food down because Tuck is only about 2 feet tall vs. Macie who’s almost 4 feet when she stands on her back legs). Thankfully most of the chocolate was just chocolate covered something or other and in the end nothing happened and I think they were both happy with themselves.

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