Jan 242011

The last few days both DH and I have been craving something chocolate like a brownie or chocolate chip cookie. Problem is, I haven’t been shopping in a while so I had nothing of the sort in the house – not even a small bar of chocolate lurking in the back of the closet. Then – I remembered I had brownie mix! Happy day…until I realized I had no eggs. Sad day! Then I realized that you can substitute applesauce or bananas for eggs and I had both! Happy day again!

So, instead of two eggs, I used 1/8 cup applesauce and a moderately large banana mashed up. My only mistake was to tell hubby before he tasted them. I had to endure some pretty tough ribbing from him. That is, until he tasted them. They’re super moist (like fudgy) and have a slight banana flavor – chocolate and banana – how can you go wrong?

I may start to use egg alternatives in other recipes that it makes sense in….hmm….

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