Jan 302011

or we will try to go…

Months ago I signed DH and I up for the Pittsburgh half marathon which is in the middle of May. I figured it would be a good way to kick my arse in to gear at the height of winter at a time when usually when I’m at my heaviest (which is soooo much different than prior to Noah). Well, a girlfriend posted a note on Fbook about her first race of the season in March and it reminded me that it’s probably time to kick that plan into gear (actually, she said I still have time – she forgets, I’m going couch to 21k on a body that holds almost 10lbs more than my previous race…so…start slow:)).

So, I set out to find a plan that I think will work for me. I was looking for something that didn’t run more than 3x a week because based on our training for the last half, my knees were shot if I ran any more than that (plus, my first foray into running post Noah didn’t go well..). Moreover, I needed something I could accomplish during the day while Noah was at daycare (on my “lunch hour”) because bundling him up to take him out in this weather is one of the reasons I’m not doing more. Thanks to the wonder that is Google I found a plan on jeffgalloway.com that I’m going to try.

Annnnnnd….to keep myself accountable I’m going to report in weekly (on Sunday’s hopefully) – aren’t you all excited?!

And just because I can’t go without giving you a Noah picture….:)

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  1. LOVE the bath picture! I need to get my tail into running gear, too. I’m supposed to be running a half marathon at the beginning of May. I ran a whopping 10 miles total in January. (I’ve started logging my mileage at dailymile.com.) Ooops. My plan is to run/work out at lunch, too. So far it hasn’t really worked, but I’m determined to do it! Good luck with your training.

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