Jan 232011

We’re a sickly bunch here unfortunately. Noah’s still got a 100 degree fever even after ibuprofen so I’m thinking tomorrow calls for a check in with the nurse (we’re on day 5 of a fever). But, Noah’s in good spirits (albeit a little touchy/cranky but in good spirits otherwise). We did manage to get his pictures taken this am and during naps I’m going to try to get the write up finished (because after 6:30pm everything goes black…and gold…yay!) . So, here’s goes nothing…

For some reason this month went slower than the last few…I don’t quite know why but it just feels like forever since I’ve written this. Planning for his birthday party is in full swing. I spent last night crafting and still have much to do but there’s progress. I just can’t believe that this time next month he’ll be 1! I remember these last few weeks when I was pregnant with him. I was soooo swollen and huge and getting to be really uncomfortable. Heartburn was my constant companion and I’d lost most of the feeling in my fingers. I will say though that I remember all of these things and would do it all again for another cutie like Noah:) He’s such a joy to have around – that smile will cure any woe!e

Enough sappy babble…here’s what he’s up to:

– He’s cruising everything, including flat walls. He walks between toys and will take 6-8 steps to get to us but then realizes what he’s doing and makes a dive for it. He’ll be fully walking by his first birthday I’m sure.
– We’re working on teeth 5,6,and 7 (i’m sure 8’s not far away either)
– He’s pretty good a mimicking us now. I found him playing peek a boo with himself in the mirror at my parents. He’ll do it with the sheets too.
– We think “gah gee” is doggie since he says it alot around Macie
– He use Mama alot and I swear he did it deliberately once! Dada is mixed in there too. He seems though to prefer “g” sounds.
– He uses other toys as tools to bang – the more different sounds the better.
– He LOVES to explore.. no stone is left unturned or corner unexplored when he’s in a new place
– Gramma taught him high 5 and touch down (although he only does it for them)
– He loves OJ and GingerAle apparently
– We’re still working thru our first interaction with Croup….I’d prefer not to repeat it please.
– He’s taking 20 – 24 oz of formula a day with lots of solids in between (big am and night bottle, three snack bottles during the day)
– He moved his bedtime to 8/8:30 but only on the days where you nap well (like 3 hours on some days!). He’ll sleep from 8/8:30 – 6:30/7:00 generally or 7:30 – 6/6:30.
– He’s firmly in 12 month clothes. There are a few 9 month outfits that work but he’s starting to look like a stuffed sausage in them…haha

Gosh..I’m sure I missed something. He’s just moving so fast…things change daily! *Sigh…*

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:)

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