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2011 January » The Adventures of Noah and Lia
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Jan 312011

I used to be an avid participant in the i ♥ faces challenges but as with most things, life got in the way. It’s certainly not for a lack of pictures although my shots pale in comparison with many of the ones in the linky. It’s still fun to get in and try! Usually these are posted to my photo blog but since this is a Noah pic, I thought I’d share with everyone!

This week’s challenge is called People Choice and you’re to post your best shot from January. I actually made this one by the skin of my teeth:) This shot was from our latest bath time session…

I actually had two that I loved but I picked the one where he’s looking directly at the camera (looking kind of worried I might add…)

Head on over to i ♥ faces to check out the rest and vote on your favorites (vote for me please!!:) ).

Jan 302011

or we will try to go…

Months ago I signed DH and I up for the Pittsburgh half marathon which is in the middle of May. I figured it would be a good way to kick my arse in to gear at the height of winter at a time when usually when I’m at my heaviest (which is soooo much different than prior to Noah). Well, a girlfriend posted a note on Fbook about her first race of the season in March and it reminded me that it’s probably time to kick that plan into gear (actually, she said I still have time – she forgets, I’m going couch to 21k on a body that holds almost 10lbs more than my previous race…so…start slow:)).

So, I set out to find a plan that I think will work for me. I was looking for something that didn’t run more than 3x a week because based on our training for the last half, my knees were shot if I ran any more than that (plus, my first foray into running post Noah didn’t go well..). Moreover, I needed something I could accomplish during the day while Noah was at daycare (on my “lunch hour”) because bundling him up to take him out in this weather is one of the reasons I’m not doing more. Thanks to the wonder that is Google I found a plan on jeffgalloway.com that I’m going to try.

Annnnnnd….to keep myself accountable I’m going to report in weekly (on Sunday’s hopefully) – aren’t you all excited?!

And just because I can’t go without giving you a Noah picture….:)

Jan 302011

After a really long week of the sickies, little sleep, and just general cruddiness I think we’re all either on the mend or all better! Sleep has been found and Noah’s all smiles again (mostly – those 4 new teeth are causing some issues).

This past week we had our first big snow storm – thankfully we weren’t one of the ones that got stuck for 12 hours on the road but it did take DH to 2.5 hours to make a 20 min trip home from work. Not fun! But…once everyone stopped panicking and the roads were cleared we’ve found ourselves smack in the middle of a winter wonderland and today was a perfect day to take Noah out for a little walk in his new sled…

It took us a few min to figure out how to get him latched in and not sliding out but once we were set he seemed to enjoy himself…okay, maybe not enjoy but at least he tolerated us and didn’t fuss:) I love that little boy!

Jan 252011

So the time has come to start party planning! Actually, I started awhile ago but it’s kicking into high gear now that his party is just a few weeks away! I spent the other night on the first craft project for his party – cupcake flags!

You can see the letters for his bunting lined up on the table too….that’s the next project but I have to wait for the ribbon to get here to make it much further.

I’m trying not to go overboard but I am my mothers daughter and it’s kind of in our blood:) I see all these great ideas and have to do all of them – ha!

Plus I have this nifty toy that just begs to be used (Cricut all set up on Noah’s highchair)

I’ve never thrown a 1st birthday party before obviously so I had to consult a few of DH’s cousins who not only have thrown 3 1st birthday parties each, they throw the cutest parties in general. I got some great ideas from them and tried to assemble our menu – here’s where we are today (and I need some help)

Banana Pudding
Bananas (too obvious for a Sock Monkey theme?)
Fruit Kabobs with Dip
Veggies and Dip

PB & J something (maybe)
Mac n Cheese (homemade – not out of the box obviously)
Meatballs (in marinara/with buns? or sweet and sour/with rice?)
(I need another main i think..)

Banana Bread
Candy Bar (An assortment of red, brown, and black candies and take home bags. This will double as the “goodie bag”)

Alternatively we can do a taco bar (instead of meatballs):
beef filling (turkey?)
chicken filling (fajita style maybe)
hard and soft tortillas
trimmings (cheese, lettuce,guac,salsa, sour cream)
Black Beans

While tacos have nothing to do with Sock Monkey, it’s easy and covers many different tastes…thoughts? My only reservation is that we’re not going to be in full sit at the table situation. We’ll have tv trays and a few tables but there may be some folks that are sitting in chairs with no table…maybe provide a bowl so they can make it like a taco salad? Ahh…so many choices…someone help me please!

Don’t even get me started about entertainment. We’ll have music on in the background but a vast majority of the kids are going to be 1 or under (with the exceptions of my nephews) so I’m just going to set up a baby proof area with toys and have some games for the few older kids we may have (maybe a pinata?)

I’m working on a plan to get our sun room warm enough to have it open as well for folks to hang out in and for kids to play in but there’s no guarantee..

Ahh…writing all this out shows me just so much I have yet to do…and only a free weekend or two to execute…okay, enough blogging, more party planning….any input you guys have is much appreciated…what do you think about the taco bar idea??

Jan 242011

The last few days both DH and I have been craving something chocolate like a brownie or chocolate chip cookie. Problem is, I haven’t been shopping in a while so I had nothing of the sort in the house – not even a small bar of chocolate lurking in the back of the closet. Then – I remembered I had brownie mix! Happy day…until I realized I had no eggs. Sad day! Then I realized that you can substitute applesauce or bananas for eggs and I had both! Happy day again!

So, instead of two eggs, I used 1/8 cup applesauce and a moderately large banana mashed up. My only mistake was to tell hubby before he tasted them. I had to endure some pretty tough ribbing from him. That is, until he tasted them. They’re super moist (like fudgy) and have a slight banana flavor – chocolate and banana – how can you go wrong?

I may start to use egg alternatives in other recipes that it makes sense in….hmm….

Jan 232011

We’re a sickly bunch here unfortunately. Noah’s still got a 100 degree fever even after ibuprofen so I’m thinking tomorrow calls for a check in with the nurse (we’re on day 5 of a fever). But, Noah’s in good spirits (albeit a little touchy/cranky but in good spirits otherwise). We did manage to get his pictures taken this am and during naps I’m going to try to get the write up finished (because after 6:30pm everything goes black…and gold…yay!) . So, here’s goes nothing…

For some reason this month went slower than the last few…I don’t quite know why but it just feels like forever since I’ve written this. Planning for his birthday party is in full swing. I spent last night crafting and still have much to do but there’s progress. I just can’t believe that this time next month he’ll be 1! I remember these last few weeks when I was pregnant with him. I was soooo swollen and huge and getting to be really uncomfortable. Heartburn was my constant companion and I’d lost most of the feeling in my fingers. I will say though that I remember all of these things and would do it all again for another cutie like Noah:) He’s such a joy to have around – that smile will cure any woe!e

Enough sappy babble…here’s what he’s up to:

– He’s cruising everything, including flat walls. He walks between toys and will take 6-8 steps to get to us but then realizes what he’s doing and makes a dive for it. He’ll be fully walking by his first birthday I’m sure.
– We’re working on teeth 5,6,and 7 (i’m sure 8’s not far away either)
– He’s pretty good a mimicking us now. I found him playing peek a boo with himself in the mirror at my parents. He’ll do it with the sheets too.
– We think “gah gee” is doggie since he says it alot around Macie
– He use Mama alot and I swear he did it deliberately once! Dada is mixed in there too. He seems though to prefer “g” sounds.
– He uses other toys as tools to bang – the more different sounds the better.
– He LOVES to explore.. no stone is left unturned or corner unexplored when he’s in a new place
– Gramma taught him high 5 and touch down (although he only does it for them)
– He loves OJ and GingerAle apparently
– We’re still working thru our first interaction with Croup….I’d prefer not to repeat it please.
– He’s taking 20 – 24 oz of formula a day with lots of solids in between (big am and night bottle, three snack bottles during the day)
– He moved his bedtime to 8/8:30 but only on the days where you nap well (like 3 hours on some days!). He’ll sleep from 8/8:30 – 6:30/7:00 generally or 7:30 – 6/6:30.
– He’s firmly in 12 month clothes. There are a few 9 month outfits that work but he’s starting to look like a stuffed sausage in them…haha

Gosh..I’m sure I missed something. He’s just moving so fast…things change daily! *Sigh…*

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:)

Jan 212011

So Noah still has a fever so it’s a no go for daycare….since I have a pretty tough deadline today, DH is going to come home after his one mandatory meeting and take over Noah duties so I can focus. Until then I’m using the TV nanny and blockades to keep him busy….see..

It makes him mad but keeps me sane and I’m able to sit in the same room with him and continue to work some….

If i don’t blockade him…this is what happens….

And last but not least….another in the raw Noah performance…(i dont know why these are so dark, they look fine when I’m taking them….odd…)

All before 10am….what is DH in for today??! haha…

Jan 202011

Up to this point he’d only push this thing while on his knees…today he picked it up himself and walked behind it! We then worked on doing laps around the downstairs (I’d steer him in the right direction, he’d take off like a bat out of hell…)

Jan 192011

So, last night is a night I’d rather not repeat ever again! About midnight we were woken to a horrible coughing/hacking/crying sound coming from Noah’s room. We both look at each other and sprung out of bed off to his room. I was suggesting to DH that perhaps he ingested something and was choking. So we started to pat his back but all that did was make it worse. After a few tense min DH said, “I’m not positive but didn’t my sister say croup sounds like a seal bark? Doesn’t he sound like he’s barking?” Yup, sure enough he was barking and quite alarmingly so.

So, while I had Noah and tried my best to console him (because his fright and crying was making it worse), DH ran off to Dr. Google to look up croup. Sudden onset when he was seemingly fine earlier today, the distinctive barking and stridor were exactly what we needed to read because they aligned perfectly with what we were experiencing.

The next 7 or so hours were filled with steamy bathrooms, walks around the sunroom in the cold moist air, and hours in the rocking chair under the humidifier. DH was a champ and took the brunt of the load (since I had an important business meeting the next day) but like any momma can attest, I didn’t sleep very much if at all. We considered the ER a few times but while he sounded awful, he was exchanging air and actually in good spirits when he wasn’t screaming. He slept in fits but did manage to book some shut eye (I wish I could say that same, I had about 2.5 hours the whole night). As soon as the sun came up we called the docs and got him in first thing.

He’s on the mend now. A dose of steroids in the am made a difference and we’ll do it again tomorrow to help work thru this. He’s been down for a few hours now and aside from a few coughing fits that he worked thru and went back to sleep, things are going okay. Although, I’m prepared for another long night…here are the “stations” from last night….that we’ve set up again for tonight…

Bed set up next to his crib that we really didn’t use

DH’s bed for the night, sitting up in the rocker with the humidifier blowing on them (isn’t he glad we got the big rocking chair?!)

My station outside in the sunroom as DH slept with Noah on the futon. We had him completely covered except for his mouth and nose. DH swore they were nice and toasty.

And my adorable, steroid crazed child!

And to add insult to injury, he’s cutting three teeth at once! Two on the top and a third on the bottom that I just noticed today.

Jan 182011

Okay, so I still have those 5 or so posts started but not finished. Maybe tomorrow…but for now here are two fun videos of Noah!

The first was over a week ago – it’s SUPER dry in our house (12% humidity!) so static is a real problem. Every time you touch something you get shocked (i had one go down my fingernail bed….ouch!). Anyways, we decided to have a little fun with it. DH picked Noah up and rubbed his head along the couch cushions until his fine little hair stood on end. The vid is a little dark and totally shaky because we’re all laying on the couch looking up and laughing hysterically….

The next one is daddy’s proudest moment so far – Noah’s first interaction with a volleyball! For those that don’t know, DH is a big volleyball freak. He played thru highschool and spends most of his summer (at least whenever I let him out..haha) on the sand courts down the road from us. From Noah’s first days we joked about his outside hitting skills with that arm that he insisted on holding next to his head on the way out.

Anyways, he thought it would be fun to give him the ball to see what happens. Low and behold, Noah rolled it back to him – sort of… It was cute none the less:)

Anyways, hope this holds you over until I finish the rest of the posts….

Jan 172011

I have 5 posts started but have not had the chance to finish any of them! I was out of town last week for work and then arrived home only to turn around and repack for a trip to da Burgh for a wedding. Both were great times for sure but it’s time to get back on a normal schedule:) I will endeavor to post at least three times this week. I have some updates to post and some party questions I need to ask of you guys.

Anywho…i’ll leave you with a promise to write and post a few pics later and with a funny story for putting up with me…. DH and I were talking about good foods for Noah and were contemplating raisins. I thought that maybe they’re still a little hard for him so I suggested maybe soaking them in a bit of juice to soften them…DH responded: “You mean like a grape? You could even soften them with grape juice!”. Of course he was totally sarcastic and we laughed hard at that (okay, maybe you had to be there…it was funny in person I swear!)

Jan 112011

We really like our daycare provider. Noah loves the girls there and they take really great care of him. She was willing to do cloth for us and was totally cool with my shifted schedule initially. Well, today she gave us another reason to love her! See, DH is on his own right now with Noah (well, aside from his dad visiting to help with the pup) while I’m in Cali for work and when he mentioned this to her she offered to just keep his bottles and wash them in the evenings for him so he doesn’t have to remember to do it. Add to that Noah’s in disposables this week so DH doesn’t have to do diaper laundry, his life just got that much easier!

She doesn’t have to do the bottles but is just so nice that she’s going to for the week to make his life as a single dad easy.

On a random Noah note I called up DH to say good night and he put me on speaker phone so Noah could hear. I guess as soon as I started talking he broke out into a huge smile and started looking around the corner to try to find me. Poor kid was so confused but started talking and squealing into the phone – melted my heart! And while I dont have a video of that conversation, I do have one of him from the other day just chatter boxing away.

Jan 092011

So there’s a reason the Friday shape up has been MIA – I’ve fallen off the wagon big time. I’ve tried a few times to hop back on but the darn thing just must be uneven or something ’cause I see to always fall off the other side. Miraculously I’ve not gained all that much back, I’ve simply plateaued but I’m not moving the direction I want. So…last week I finally got the bike up on the indoor trainer and got the computer all hooked up (speedometer and cadence counter) and decided to give it a try.

O. M. G

I’m sooo out of shape! 15 min on that thing had me reaching for my inhaler. I guess months without much aerobic activity does that to ya! I’m not deterred though, I’m out of town for work this coming week (although, i’m hoping I can get alot of walking in to and from the office), so starting next week I’ll be on that bike at least 3x a week for at least 15 min. In addition I use the 2 min in the AM and PM while I’m brushing my teeth to do squats, leg raises, and other small but will hopefully impact the main effort.

So..here’s to starting again….130.4 lbs

Jan 042011

Every day on the way back to my office after dropping Noah off at daycare I go thru a deep internal struggle….to starbucks or not… It starts as soon as I pull out of the daycare providers drive way. I have three stop signs to convince myself that I don’t need it and to continue to home. But it’s so easy, it’s either a right at the light and back to my office or a left at the light and onto Starbucks….such decisions…left? right? Want vs. need wins at least twice a week and I indulge in a $3.10 chai. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things to indulge in.

And okay maybe I’m not really struggling but it is a conversation I have with myself every morning:)

Jan 032011

Now that the recipient has seen her gift, I’ll show you all what we gave her (well, our copy anyways)….

The stepping stone has Noah’s feet in it and was a gift for his gramma (my mom) to put in her garden.

It was a super easy craft to do – here’s what we used (it made 2 12 inch stones):

– 10lbs of concrete
– 2 12 inch plastic trays (we used the ones that you get for under a potted plant – like $1.50 each at HomeDepot)
scrap glass (you can find this in most craft stores – i had a mix of art glass and sea glass. If you wanted to be really thrifty, break up some old dishes/glasses etc…just be careful)
– letter stamps
– cute baby feet or hands

Mix up the concrete according to the instructions (i made mine a little too wet). Put the trays on a sturdy surface where you can leave them for 48 hours without moving (I used a piece of plywood so I could move them before they were dry). Fill the trays almost to the top with the concrete then shake it a bit to level it out. You can smooth it with a trowel if you want – we didn’t. Leaving some space for the feet/hands, start embedding the glass in the wet concrete. Once it’s set up some (about 10 or 20 min) do the feet/hand impressions. When things are almost set, use the letter stamps to impress the name and date (or whatever). Timing will vary so just test it as you go. Overall we had about 30 min with the concrete pliable enough to embed the glass, do the impressions (without having them collapse), and do the letters (again, without having it collapse). Now let it set for 48 hours before unmolding. Some of the stuff around the edges may break off if you put the glass really close. I was okay with that because it added to the “stone” quality of the piece.

Overall it was a quick and easy project and so much fun. Noah wasn’t much of a fan of getting really dirty but he survived and we have these amazing prints of his cute little feet!!!

Jan 022011

Okay, found a few min of down time while Noah watches some Baby Einstein (which incidentally, we’ve never really done before but he seems to LOVE – he’s dancing and singing along…soo funny!). Anywho, Santa was very good to us! Not only in the present realm but in the ability to travel to see all of our family and spend some quality time with them. It’s a long trip (about 700 miles round trip) but Noah, traffic, and the weather all held up and we made all our destinations in record time. I like to call it the trans Pennsylvania trek since we drive from here, up to one side of PA and then across to the other and back down. The only bad part, if you could call it that, was driving home with a dog that had the most retched farts for some reason. It was freezing outside but we were forced to roll the windows down more than once to air things out….ugh

Anywho, I was so busy wrangling Noah that we have very few pics from Christmas!:( Here’s what I have:

Noah ended up with more toys than he could have ever wished for! I’ve started a toy rotation in our house so he’s never bored (what on earth are we going to do for his birthday next month?!). Mommy gets to feed her photography obsession with a new set of studio lights and gramma took the hint on the blog and bought me a Lisa Leonard necklace which I LOVE!! Daddy still has to buy his present since he’s very particular and it’s kind of a big purchase (the new surround sound system he’s been wanting for years now). Over all again, Santa was good to everyone and we’re very fortunate!

The funny story of the trip (well, one of a few) involved the dogs. We left the house to visit great grands and when we left I know we locked Tucker (my parent schnauzer) in his crate in their room. Since Macie usually just sleeps we left her free to roam the house – bad idea! Upon arriving home we were greeted by both dogs and a strong odor of chocolate (thanks to Tucker’s beard). It turns out that Macie busted tucker out of his crate and then they both shared a plate of Christmas chocolates that I swear I moved to the middle of the island out of Macie’s reach (we know it was her that pulled the food down because Tuck is only about 2 feet tall vs. Macie who’s almost 4 feet when she stands on her back legs). Thankfully most of the chocolate was just chocolate covered something or other and in the end nothing happened and I think they were both happy with themselves.

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